Poetry (Kia's and MCD's)...

(Look Down)

by Kia

Lying on the floor
I canít move to spare myself (Spiders sew my mouth closed)
Spiders sew my eyes closed
So I can see everything
Without being toldÖ

I am in constant motion
As I fall through the ceiling (Hurtling out through the clouds)
Youíre busy on the phone
I donít know if you even care
At all

We are happy and weíre angry
Beautiful children (Of a generation built for PAIN)
We are slaughtered for our precious
Blood drink it and youíre young

Iím so sorry
Sorry that you had to cry
It will pass (Itís passing)
Iím so sorry
Sorry you saw me like this
I can change (Iím changing!!!!!!)

Standing on the rooftop
I rip out all the stitches (I donít want to see anything now)
Before everything seemed perfect
Nothing seems so perfect

I am in constant motion
As I fall right through the ground (The worms come out to greet me)
You are watching TV
You donít even care at all
This time

Deep below the subway
They see me and they smile (Canít you hear them calling my name?)
They were waiting for a
Long long long long time

(they waited for me)

by Kia
The stillness
like a winter calm
Rings out loudly
High and Clear
A blanket of
pure white snow
Hides cold smooth waves
of glass

Her coat frays
at the ends
Unravels and she
Hairline fissures in
porcelain skin

She hits the ground
Fallen apart
Swallowed up by
cold hard dirt
They never found her
for there was no one

by Kia
Never knows quite where heís going
Keeps on spinning round and round (and back again)
In a smoke-filled dream

Twisted shadows
Growing longer
Getting bigger
Growing stronger

He makes his way across
The tightrope (and back again)
Never seeing what
Lies just beneath his

Ominous shadows
Getting darker
Getting faster
Getting smarter

Raindrops come
Slowly at first
Falling one by one
To die lightly on dry pavement

They start to fall faster
Fall harder
Fall stronger
Until the flood
Drowns him

Happy shadows
Growing brighter
Getting softer
Getting lighter

by Kia
Small helpless child
Sits back and cries
Melting plastic faces
The heat betrays
The fire inside

Gentle loving mother
Softly rocks her boy
Docile eyes
Made to conceal
A murderer beneath

Calm peaceful stillness
Swallows all the sound
Even if he screams and shrieks
The silence
Drowns him out

by Kia

Cold shadows of leering stalkers,
Velvety nights of soft, golden laces,
Harsh razor edges of angel's wings,
Feathery eclipses of steely pinions,
Downy plumes of twilight's specters,
Darkening halos of diamond's ashes,
Clouds of dust, interlacing patterns,
Of ruby, emerald, and silver weaves,
Moon stare away through cloak of mists,
Of baleful sun scathing 'cross the dunes,
Seas of sun ray, seas of doom.

by MCD

Killer of angels, bearer of knives
Crusher of promises, speaker of lives
Burner of dreams so carefully spun
Deathless yet mortal; lifeís only begun

Bringer of malice and anger and hate
Seer of visions of lifeís filthy state
Watcher of battles that have not begun
Beholder of murders, achiever of none

Forger of fantasies formed out of lies
Betrayer of holy, fooler of wise
Prophet for those who cannot recall
Observer of empires that now like snow fall

Viewer of much, speaker to few
Patron of old, opposer of new
Dying yet live, seeing yet blind
Heaven and hell and living combined

Watcher eternal, yet fleetingly brief
Watch the deaths build, and then watch the grief
As the impassive earth turns now once more
Life is declining, its final encore

Observe as now just one more race takes the play
To live and to die and to see one more day
But humankind too is only a spark
When the fire is gone all returns to the dark

by MCD

Curse the wind and all it carries
Curse the earth and sea and sky
Curse the slave and curse the master
Curse all things that crawl or fly

See the earth with life now teeming
Curse it all and run away
Curse the air and curse the water
Curse the night and curse the day

Curse the winds
Curse the sky
Curse the gods
As death draws nigh

Curse the flesh
And curse the pain
Curse the profit
Curse the gain

Flee from life
And through the door
Cursing, cursing

back to the brink of insanity