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'99 Fall Term Tech Prep

Hello! My name is Ruby Parks otherwise known as Diamond to my friends, and fellow rappers.  I enjoy writing poetry, rapping, art, movies and of course I love to collect anything with Ginuwine featured on it. I am A HUGE fan, and I hope to one day meet him. I hope to attend Howard University in the Fall of 2000, and I plan to major in Theartre Arts, and then go on into the acting and music business. Hope you enjoy my page! I promise to have the most exciting page here!! Happy Browsing!!:-) 

    Table Of Contents

Project I:  College Search

1.  My College Essay
2. What is it like to  college searches?
3. My recommendation of the two best colleges.

Project II:

1. "26 Allegory of the Cave" by Plato
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Project III:
1. Oedipus

Project IV:
1. Artigoe

Project V:
1. The Jungle

Project VI:
New York Project

Project VII:


Project VIII:
1. Things Fall Apart

Project IX:
1. SAT Prep

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