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Are you ready to go back... to DS9?

I'm working on this page as we speak. It isn't done, sorry. Please come back and check again. I plan on having some VERY interesting graphics and stories. Thanks!! :)

Setting: Space the Final Frontier

Plot: The cancellation of DS9

The Characters:

  • Rose Visitor
  • Jack Fadil
  • Calodo
  • Ruth Farrel (Rose's Mom)
  • The Unsinkable Ezri Brown
  • Ship Designer Worf Anderson
  • Captain Sisco
  • Fab O'Brien (Jack's best friend)
  • Garak the bodyguard
  • Martok the ship owner


    The Ship

    The STORY

    ***Please note these events are purely fictitous happenings from my bored mind. Some of the events may be similar to actual stuff, but most likely not. That is all.***

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