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The Story

.....Rose stepped from her vehicle... gazing around at the ship in front of her. She was going to work HERE??? It was a big place... but... not very attractive to speak of.

Behind her was Calodo... She just knew the writers would hook them up eventually. Tolerable she supposed, Rene was a nice man. She wondered how she ever got here after doing Matlock for so many years. This was the oppotunity of a lifetime, but... it looked a little more then shabby.

.....Jack needed this job. It had been a while since playing an Arab and the bills were catching up with him. And to be playing a doctor on one of the most famous television traditions! It was an exciting day. He walked onto the set with Fab O'Brien; his character's future best friend. Nothing like the two actors with accents being friends, huh? His nerves were flaring. Jack was to be working with some of the greats from Trek, and it was quite nerve wracking.

.....Rose stepped onto the ship. She had a huge history in television compared to most of these people. Granted most were guest appearances that paid the bills, but her face was recognizable. She wasn't sure about this job. It had great opportunities, but she knew how it worked. Once you worked on trek, your life revolved around conventions and strange men in latex pointed ears doing vulcan nerve pinches on each other. It was hard to break away. Look at Shatner. She had just seen him doing a commercial for energy saving windows, and that was Captain Kirk! She did like the idea of being a strong female character though. At least she wouldn't be dressed like Lt. Rand or any Yeomans from The Original Series.

The day was long. She progressively met her fellow actors. Each was very friendly, and the tension was slim. The Armin, playing the ferengi bartender was actually remarkably funny. She had yet to meet this "young doctor" however. She had heard he was... eager to say the least. She hoped he wasn't as bad as the script ade his character out to be...

.....Jack spotted Rose from across the room. She was beautiful. She was married. Alright then. He approached her and introduced himslef. There it began. He had made a friend.

The Pilot succeeded. Relief filled the cast. They were gauranteed at least a season's work. And that's how it went for some time. They shot episodes, chemistry growing within a tightly knit group of talented actors. Seasons passed... Rose and Jack grew close. When Rose's husbnad and she divorced, he even becae Jack's roommate. Time passed.


Jack was walking behind the studio one day when he saw Nana about to jump from the bow of a really big ship. They were filming a low budget version of Moby Dick in the sound stage over. He rushed up and sauvely approached her. "Don't jump... what would Bajor be without you?" He kidded. She laughed. "There's a great view up here. I should have been a sailor!" She smiled. He took his shoes off. "I am going to have to jump in and save you. Don't want to mess up my shoes." "There's no water Jack, it's a set." she smiled. "Oh, yeah." He replied.

Calodo walked up unknowingly to tell them that the director was looking for them. "Oh..." Realizing what he walked into. He could cut the sexual tension with a knife. "I... uh... we're about to start filming... I... uh..." he walked away. They laughed.

Jake and Rose walked back to the sound stage. They suddenly knew that friendship had grown. It had to be kept a secret though. They knew Calodo would not say a word. He was not like that. They had each other... yet dating on the job was always awkward. They were quiet.

...Time progressed and Jack and Rose saw more and more of each other. They were still being cautious of their relationship. They knew how difficult things were and hadn't voiced their feelings. One night they were up late, drinking coffee and talking.

"Rose..." Jack spoke through silence.

"Yes Jack?" she answered sipping her drink.

"Can I draw you?" he asked shyly.

"I didn't know you drew!"

I don't, but we need some reason for everyone to find out so the plot will still make sense. Besides, it's in the script." he shows her. "Shhh!" She says, "you aren't supposed to read that part!".

She removes her clothes and stretched out on a couch.

(Come on people, you've seen the movie, I don't need to spell it all out for you!)

***To Be Continued***


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