Last update: 8.22.99

OK, this page is made for you. Yes, you. I would love to see your little artistic minds flowing. So, if you would like... please send any wallpapers, posters, writings, poetry, or anything else you yourself make. I will put it on this page and give you full credit for it. So c'mon! Get your creative juices flowing and send me your work! (And if I get enough, I just might hold a contest for the best piece of work!) Thanks and good luck!

To use the wallpapers, click on the picture of it, and when you get the larger images, right-click on it and go to "set as wallpaper" to make it your desktop wallpaper.

(These 3 wallpapers of Sarah Michelle Gellar were submitted by

(This wallpaper was made by Sabrina at Crazy for Buffy!.

For more wallpapers made by me, go to my Wallpaper page.

(Click on the picture of Sarah to send me your projects) =)

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