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Every day I get E-mails. Now don't get me wrong, I looooove getting E-mails from you, so keep them coming! But I'd like to save you some time by answering some of your questions right now. So scroll down, look out for your question, or just read them all if you'd like. Thanks a lot!

Q. Are you Ryan Phillippe?

A. Ok, first off....I'm a girl. (So, no, I am not Ryan Phillippe.) Nor am I any other famous person. I did not star in Cruel Intentions, although that would have been really cool! (hehe) So I cannot send you an autograph or get you any interviews. I am just a fan like you!

Q. What's with all the 'dont copy' things you have on your page? They're really annoying!

A. Sorry guys, but I hate it when I spend a lot of time on my page making my own graphics, scanning them in, whatever, and then people take them without my permission. So I put those "Don't Copy" things so you can't take them. If you want one of my pictures, please E-mail me. I will not give out any of my home-made graphics, but I might be willing to part with some of my random images. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Q. Oh my gosh, you must have, life to do this! Are you antisocial?

A. Uhh.. no... I just like the movie, and I like my computer, so I put the two together, that's all. I like what I do. I'm big into designing anything and everything... so this is cool for me.

Q. Can I have your home address so we can be pen-pals?

A. In spite of how rude this is going to sound: Hell no. Sorry, but I'll never give out any personal information about me. There are too many wierdos on the net! Hey, I know what you're thinking.. I'm not a wierdo! Why is she calling me a wierdo?? Well you never know, I could be the wierdo I'm talking about ;) lol j/k Be careful out there guys, there are a lot of people that try to hurt you.

Q. Is your name really Kathryn, like Sarah Michelle Gellar's name in Cruel Intentions?

A. Nope. But will I tell you my real name? I don't think so. My secret. hehe

Q. Why do you have ads on your page? They are really ugly.

A. Hey guys, really sorry. My server, Angelfire didn't have these when I first got my webpage, but they recently got them and it's either this or the elusive POP-UP ADS. ::drum roll:: So I think you guys would approve of the ads at the top of your page more, right?

Q. Hey, I don't have a webpage. Can I still win one of your awards?

A. Sorry, but no. My awards are for those with a webpage only. They are meant to be put on webpages and therefore need a page for them to be shown on.

Q. Um... I never filled out your form to get an award, but I got one in my mail anyways. Why?

A. That just means I was searching the web and I came upon your site and I found it enjoyable. So, I sent you an award. Enjoy!

Any more questions and/or comments? Send them to me at

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