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Articles and Reviews

Welcome to the page where you will find a few different articles about Norbert from newspaper around the country. However, if you are looking for an interview please see the interviews page (That's logical, isn't it?)

(From Playbill Online)

Norbert Leo Butz will join "Lois and Clark" star Teri Hatcher when the Cabaret national tour bids its first "Wilkommen" at L.A.'s Wilshire Theatre Feb. 23, 1999. Butz, best known for playing Roger in Broadway's Rent, will portray the Emcee, the role originated by Joel Grey and currently being played by Alan Cumming at the Roundabout's Studio 54.

(From the LA Daily News)

When the Emcee (Norbert Butz) of the Kit Kat Klub tells you "to leave your troubles outside/ so, life is disappointing/ we have no troubles here," there is no insinuating glamour of the earlier versions. Entering wearing a long black leather coat that opens, revealing a bare chest with red sequined nipples, the Emcee exudes an exuberant vulgarity. He operates throughout the show like a street-corner pusher, luring in new marks while keeping the users hooked. No matter how much the world is crumbling, or how ugly it becomes, the cabaret is a strung-out junkie's dream. As the Emcee, Butz has two tough acts to follow -- Grey, of course, and Alan Cumming, who originated this raunchier androgynous incarnation in London and New York. It is a particularly demanding role and really pivotal to the success of the show, and despite a few rough edges at the beginning on Wednesday night, Butz turns in a strong performance, eventually revealing a human face beneath the greasepaint.

From the LA Times

The club's emcee, immortalized by Joel Grey onstage and in film, oversees all. Here he's played by a good young talent, Norbert Leo Butz (Late of the Broadway edition of "Rent"). Less distinctive and more traditionally hunky than Alan Cumming's Tony-Winning emcee, he's nonethless a strong presence.

More from the LA Times

Norbert Leo Butz brings a demonic power and energy to the role of the Emcee. Butz insinuates himself into the part like a gleeful child who's just discovered the world is a wicked place, and isn't it a wonderful new toy to play with.

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