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The First Official Norbert Leo Butz Website and Fan Club!

"That's the LAST time I'm dealing with guys coming up to me and saying 'Hey, Adam, you wanna tune *my* fender guitar? I'll even buy you dinner afterwards, you stud-muffin. You can bring friend if you want, I'm into that kind of stuff... that is, if you are...' I mean, come on! My name is NORBERT!! Geez!"-Norbert Leo Butz

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Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome to the new and improved official dedication to Norbert Leo Butz! The Norbert fan club has been around for two years and we are very excited to finally have a new website. Norbert has stunned thousands of people with his amazing performances as Roger Davis in the Broadway version of "Rent" and The Emcee in the first national tour of "Cabaret". His acting is fabulous and his singing is exquisite. He is an amazing man and we are here to make a tribute to him. We are Samantha and Shannon. We are the co-presidents of the Norbert fan club. We have been in love with NLB for 2 years now so Samantha decided one day that we should do something special for Norbert. Sunday September 13,1998, Samantha gave Norbert a letter asking if I could start an Official fanclub for him. To her surprise, he responded back with a YES!!!! So, as your Presidents, we will have Updates, Interviews, Stories, Pictures and Hopefully sounds!! If you would like to join the club please e-mail either Samantha or Shannon. Click on the links above the to visit the different pages. Enjoy!! Oh, PLEASE SIGN THE GUESTBOOK SO WE KNOW YOU CAME. Come on, we'll give you a cookie! Thanks :)

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