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Favorite Moments and Bloopers

Welcome to the page full of our favorite Norbert moments and bloopers from both Rent and Cabaret! This is pretty new so there is not much here but more will be added!

*Favorite Norbert Bloopers*

-Anthony's last day, Norbert drops the stoli! CLASSIC MOMENT!!!

-Marcy knees Norbert in the balls at the October 11th 1998 sunday matinee!!!

-Norbert forgets to plug in his guitar during LVB and realizes it and says OHHHHH.... so Anthony Says "If Roger would have remembered to plug in his guitar, that would have reminded us of Musetta's Waltz." - Thanks Dina

-Daphne hits Norbert in the head and he starts to bleed!

-Norbert said "I gotta go. Oh no. Oh f*ck."

-During La Vie Boheme (as Mark,) Norbert messed up and said "And Maureen Johnson, back from her one night engagement at the Eleventh Street Lot will, um, on a thing, which she has never played..."

-August 29th, in Cabaret, Norbert danced with some guy that was scared out of his mind so when he went to say "Miene Damen und Herren, Madames et Monsiuers, Ladies and Gentlemen, etc..." he started laughing, it was ADORABLE!

*Favorite Norbert Moments*

-MARCH 8,1999 Jay Leno *CABARET* when Norbert took off his leather coat... I am betting at least 600 girls passed out!!!

- Dancing with Norbert Leo Butz~ Submitted by Heather

For those of you who dont know, Norbert is on national tour with Cabaret as (the lead role) the emcee. and for those of you who dont know, i went to see him in Washington DC. and for those of you who dont know, he picks one girl and one guy out of the audience to dance with him on stage at each performance. AND for those of you who dont know, that girl was ME. YES, ME. THAT WAS THE BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE. I'm not going to tell about the ENTIRE incredible day, but i'll tell you about that moment. I had seats in row b, aisle. Throughout the entrire show, he made eye contact, winked at, waved to, humped chairs for, and blew kisses and me, Amy, Jess and Marny. As if that didn't already make my day, Norbert did the impossible. The moment of truth was there. After I was already overwhelmed by Norbert's performance, at the beginning of act 2, he walked towards the left of the stage. My left. MY SIDE. I WAS ON THE LEFT. okay. So, he starts talking to some scared shitless twelve year old boy....who CARES what he was saying, my pulse began to race because he kept looking over at me. I knew it was now or never. Jess and Marny are looking at me like, OH MY GOD THIS COULD BE HAPPENING!!! So blah blah blah, hes done with the little boy, Norbert......AHHHHHHH.....NORBERT LEO BUTZ.........AHHHHHHH...APPROACHES....ME.....OKAY... AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! LET ME TELL YOU------it's such a blur. I was SOOOOO filled with unconditional his hand reaches out to me....I swear the heavens opened up. He tells me I look sexy and TAKES ME ON STAGE. He asks my NAME AND IF HE MAY HAVE THIS DANCE. hmmm? What to do....Norbert Leo F**king Butz wants to dance with me, should I LET him?.....ummm this is just INCREDIBLE. I couldn't even be nervous, because I was SO DAMN HAPPY. So we're DANCING ....very close together, may I add, and he says, "Heather you are very sexy"...I thank him , then he asks if I'm WITH anyone, I'm like, "Jessica, Amy and Marny!!!" They SCREAM. He's like, "Jessica, Amy, and Marny? maybe we can have a SANDWICH after the show" Oh god, I dont even remember this. I just remember his EYES. I WAS LOOKING STRAIGHT INTO THEM THE WHOLE TIME. THEY WERE THE ONLY THING HAPPENING. THEY ARE BRIGHT BLUE, SPARKLY. I SWEAR TO GOD....LIKE MIMI PANTS....not like marcy's, but KRYSTEN'S. He calls me the new kit kat girl and i do a little "flourish" with my hands......which, mind you, i don't recall doing because its such an incredible blur. wow....WOWOOWOWWWW!!!!! So he asks my age, I say 15, and he pushes me away, saying he doesn't want to go to jail tonight. I thanked him. I got off the stage. THAT WAS THE BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE. After the show, he told me that i was excellent up there!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH I'M THE HAPPIEST GIRL ALIVE!!!!!

-Dancing with Norbert, Submitted by Michelle

I saw Norbert in Cabaret on October 9, 1999 in Toronto. My seat was third row in the center aisle, so I was pretty much touching the stage. My chair was the last in the aisle on the right side so I was beside the stairs, that everyone in the musical at some point was sitting or singing right beside me. This is by far the greatest play I have ever seen and Norbert was amazing. The opening was so spooky where you just see the top of his face through the slit in the door, in a pitch black theatre. Although the mood changes quickly when the lights come on and he begins the opening song. The advantage of sitting so close is that he points to you, and talks directly to you when he is singing. Norbert is always on stage, even if he isn't in the scene, he is always looking on from the side or just sitting somewhere, where the audience can see him. At one point he was sitting on the stairs right beside me, looking direcly at me, winking and blowing kisses. The music was powerful and the cast members all had remarkable singing ability they really kept you wanting more. After the intermission, Norbert comes to the crowd and does a little improv. He stood on stage talking about some beautiful girl that was in the crowd, he said how she was so pretty, and he couldn't stop staring at her the entire performance. He then walks down the stairs and chooses a girl from the audience. And guess who that girl was????? Me!!!!! Yes, I was choosen, he then asked me my name, told me I was beautiful and he wished that the entire audience could see. After this he then asked if I would dance with him, so up I went, he took my hand (which was damp with sweat) led me on the stage and we danced together, just me and Norbert in front of the entire princess of wales theater. What a rush. He asked a couple of questions as we danced around the stage. At the end he asked if I was here with anyone, I said no, surprised, he then he asked how old I was. After he found out I was only 18, he said that I should go sit back down. As I was walking off the stage he asked if I was still in high school when I said yes, he replied with "I guess they don't teach you these things in high school", to this everyone began to clap. The moment lasted fairly long and it was the best thing I have ever done in my life, and Norbert is so "hot, hot, hot." From this point on the show takes a turn into the true dark, drug infested, Nazi Germany. A compelling lead up to the most shocking and emotioinal end. The play was absolutely marvilous and when Norbert sang I don't Care Much, you felt goose bumps all over. I only regret I was never able to see him when he played in rent. Cabaret is truly a great musical and Norbert is soooo beautiful.