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The Vampire District... not for the faint of heart or those not willing to mingle with the vampires that cruise this area. Vampires have, since gaining legal status, managed to carve quite a niche for themselves in the District. After all, whoever heard of "dayclubs?" This is their milieu and Iím sure they enjoy every minute of it. Oh, and a word of advise: donít call it Blood Square. Iíd hate for you to insult any vampires. Could be bad for your health!!! So sit back and enjoy this brief tour of some of the hipper clubs in the District. Each was used as a title in the series.

***Guilty Pleasures***

A vampire strip club where sexuality, nudity and heavy breathing abound. This is the first club introduced in the Anita Blake series and the first time Jean-Claude is introduced. At the time he was only the manager, running things for a very nasty vampire who was the Master of the City. By the end of the book, Jean-Claude got a promotion and Anita got another notch in her belt (of kills of course!).

***The Laughing Corpse***

A comedy club featuring acts with vampires and zombies. Owned by Jean-Claude. You say dead people arenít funny? Well throw in a little vampire glamour and you got yourself a party which will leave you in stitches. Is that good? Try it out and YOU be the judge.

***Circus of the Damned***

Jean-Claude also owns this place. (Quite the little entrepreneur isnít he?) This is a freaky little permanent Circus that combines horror, cotton candy and the lingering scent of blood and shape-shifter goop (the latter is probably just my imagination—I hope!). The good citizens of St. Louis take their kids there for fun. And they say Mid-Westerners donít know how to have a good time!

***The Lunatic Cafť***

Owned and operated by Raina, lupa of the local werewolf pack, until her death. Just a cafť on the surface (trust me, you donít want to venture downstairs) and also a haven for all shape-shifters. Humans should sit as close to the door as possible. And, going there on the night of the full moon is a definite no-no.

***Burnt Offerings***

Actually this vampire owned bar and grill is not in the heart of the District. Even more surprising is that Jean-Claude doesnít own it. Anita thinks it might be a little dť classť for his taste. Anyway, it features posters of famous Hollywood monsters and the waiters and waitresses all dress in costume. Vampire and humans alike mingle and enjoy the campy atmosphere. The place reportedly serves a great steak (no pun intended).

***Dead Daveís***

This particular bar is in the heart of the District. Dead Dave used to be a cop until he became a vampire and was kicked off the force (howís that for prejudice?). The place has become quite trendy, despite its best efforts not to, and yuppies, yearning for a glimpse of vampires at a safe distance, now mingle with the usual denizens. Luther is the day time bartender. Dead Dave only works at night for obvious reasons.


Being a necromancer with skills that are in demand occasionally takes Anita Blake away from St. Louis. Here are some of the nifty places our heroine has visited in her travels:

***Bloody Bones***

A bar and grill located in Branson, Missouri. Itís owned by Magnus and Dorcas Bouvier, brother and sister, whose ancestor made a deal to capture a very hungry and large fairy in exchange for his descendantís retaining fey powers once they had mated with mortals. The establishments is famous for itís Singles' Night, where at least until closing, everyone can be desirable. Some say itís glamour, but hey, a couple of drinks and dim lighting might work too.

***Blue Moon Inn***

Not a bar or an eatery. This is a resort in Tennessee run by the local werewolf pack. Features nice cabins in different colour schemes. Iím sure things are normally quite placid there, but when Anita was there, things got damaged and the rooms got a little messy. Par for the course where Anita Blake is concerned. Hey, you want quiet and peaceful, read Nancy Drew, okay?

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