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This section brouth to us by Kenny

This is a rough idea where the buildings would be; Feel free to contradict me

1: Animator's Inc.

2: Church of Eternal Life

3: Danse Macabre

4: Lunatic Café

5: Guilty Pleasures

6: Dead Dave's

X: Marks the spot for The Circus of the Damned

The Green Area is Blood Square

The Black Arch, is THE Arch

The Red IL is Illinois

The Places underlined in Yellow are key buildings

Here is a list of some of those Key Buildings.

Welcome To St. Louis!

This text will outline the important features of St. Louis.

RIVERFRONT or, Blood Square, which it's known to only by Anita fans. It's a stretch of land that borders the Mississippi River, which separates IL from St. Louis. It's home to a few bars and nightclubs, and The Landing, which is a collection of bars and nightclubs, like Boomers, America's Pub, The OZ, and others. It's also home to a few boats that line the riverfront, like the Admiral, a gigantic boat covered in glass panels, and other little boats housing McDonald's and Hardees. Barges also frequent there. Most of the Riverfront is underneath the two highways, I55 and 70. Another little trademark of the Riverfront, is some of it is paved with old cobblestones.

KIEL CENTER The home of the St. Louis Blues. Also many other goings on happen here, like the frequent WWF shows, stars on ice shows, and concerts.

TRANS WORLD DOME The home of the St. Louis Rams-, which we try to forget. The newest of the Sports Arenas.

ARCH The arch is the two-armed monolith- quadrolith? that stands higher than any other building in the city. A small elevator takes you to the very top, where you can look out through about twelve small windows over the Mississippi or the Old Courthouse. As you're gazing out the windows, you might get the feeling that the monument is swaying in the wind. That's because it is. The Arch sways in the wind, because if it stood up perfectly straight, the wind would push on it with such a force that it would topple down. So it is made to sway back and forth- yet not anywhere near violently.

UNION STATION Union Station, once a train station, now houses many little craft shops, and other stores, such as the Great Train Shoppe, and a fudgery. The second floor is reserved as a food court.

AMTRAK STATION AND THE MONORAIL The Monorail is like a subway, only above ground. It stops at Union Station, Lambert Airport, and other places, and circles downtown St. Louis, and around it.

BUSCH STADIUM Busch Stadium is the home to the St. Louis Cardinals, and the home of Mark Macguire.

EARTH CITY Earth City is a small area on both sides of highway 270. It is mostly full of commercial warehouses, but also includes Incahoots- a warehouse size dance club which holds country dancing, and teen night on Sundays and Riverport Amphiteather, where many concerts are held.