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The ULRICH/ULRICK Family Place of Ancestry!

"ULRICH/ULRICK's German Ancestry from Bavaria to America in the upstate New York region."

The very first record of the family name ULRICH was found in Bavaria, in the city of Nuremberg, which is located in Bavaria, Germany. The Ulrich family traces their ancestral roots back to Teutonic origin before the year 1100, A.D. From here they branched and migrated, gaining prosperity as a notable family of Bavaria and later other countries. 'ULRICH/ULRICK’ of Nuremberg's first recorded wappen/Coat-of-arms. And it is described as: "D-azur a un cygne d'arg,” nobility of Nuremberg. It is translated as: "Blue with a swan in silver." The ancient meaning of the surname 'ULRICH/ULRICK’ is made up of two words, 'wolf' and ruler.' Bavaria was once part of the Holy Roman Empire and was also its own Country and Kingdom 'Duchy' at one time. It is now one of the many state’s that make up the country of Germany. Once home to the famous King Ludwig, birthplace of the celebrated ‘Oktoberfest’ and is also the location of the famous ‘Kastle Neuschwanstein,' built by 'Konig' King Ludwig II. from Bavaria, 1869 to 1886.

Another point of interest for the surname ULRICH, may be the 'Villiage of ULRICHSGRUEN' and the 'Egerland.' The Egerland is located in northeastern Bavaria and at eastern Ceske. It's northern fringe was at HOF, It's southern was Neustadt of the Waldnaab, east almost to Pilzen in Ceske and west to about Tirschenreuth. Settlement of this vast Bavarian/Bohemian Forest region began in the early 12th century. The Margrave of the region was named Diepold and one of his ministers was Gottfried von Wetterfeld. At this time settlement was advancing from south to north and under the reign of the 'Hohenzollerns of Nuernberg.' Gottfried had a brother Ulrich and it is for him this village was named. In the HOF region extending east through northern Ceske and southern Saxony was the great Saxon Tribe of the Greens (Gruens) and many villages contain this suffix. Much of the region is still called the Diepoldswalde(Diepold Forest). The Villiage of 'ULRICHSGRUEN' is mentioned as a possible place of origin, because of the understanding that the origins of the surname ULRICH, is at the same time frame of the 1100's for this surname, and the fact that this 'ULRICH' came out of 'Nurenberg' as part of their ministerial control. His administrative staff, as we would staff them, and in the possessive form of person ownership, were most likely called 'ULRICHEN.' This is a Hypothesis, but not an unlikely origin of the name in view of the coincidences.

The Surname, Ulrich/Ulrick existed in America at least as early as 1761, and maybe even early as 1680. Knowing the many Hessian troops who faught for the British in the American Revolution, many with this surname ULRICH, may have come from the village of ULRICHSTEIN, Which was founded in the 13th century, given city rights in the year 1347, and is located in the Duchy of Hessen, Germany. Hessen, is now a state in Germany that is located just above Bavaria! This village may be worth keeping in mind.

The Meaning of ULRICHSTEIN: It means: ULRICH-STONE, as in stone Castle, or Village. A Castle made out of stone. This means that there was most likely a Castle, Village, or both at this location. Here be the Wappen/Coat-of-Arms for this village In 1605: An Uncrowned Striped Lion in a Shield With a Silver or a Blue Bordure. It would therefore be: The Wappen of the Lord, or Ruling family at that time, named 'ULRICH.'

Variations of the surname 'ULRICH' are: ULRICK, ULLRICK, ULRIK, ULRICH, ULLRICH, all are pronounced the same, ending with a 'K' sound. The original spelling of the name in Germany is 'ULRICH.'

"Ulricks of Upstate New York: Germany Hill, Owego, Tioga County and Broome County, New York."

Our line starts in America with 'John F. Ulrich.' He was born in Bavaria, in June, 1833. His parents were also born in Bavaria, Germany. John F. Ulrich and Louisa Sophia Reigaway, who was born in Prussia, Germany July, 1831, were married In the year of 1854 somewhere in Germany, between Bavaria and Prussia.

Louisa's parents were also born in Prussia Germany. Prussia was a state in Germany until after World War II. Much of the land once called Prussia, now lies in East Germany, Poland and Russia. In 1947, the state of Prussia was legally abolished by the ‘Allied Control Council.

Soon after John F. Ulrich and Louisa Sophia Ulrich's marriage took place, they immigrated to the United States in the year of 1855 where they stayed in Williamsburg, Borough of Brooklyn, New York until the late summer of 1856 when they moved and then settled in Germany Hill, Tioga County, New York. John and Louisa Ulrich had a farm in Germany Hill and had several children as well. One of which was a son named, Henry William Ulrich, born in 1856.

This is from the 1887-88 directory' from The Town of Tioga, New York: (Known Descendents to the Present)

Ulrick, George (Owego) farmer for Adam King Ulrick, John (Owego) farmer 150 acres Ulrick, John Jr. (Owego) farmer 7 acres

Henry William Ulrich: Brn.1856-1932 Wife named; Mable May Whitmarsh Ulrich: Brn. 1863-1931 Both buried at: 'Cemetary Hill' Owego, N.Y.

Mable May Whitmarsh and Henry William Ulrich had several children, one of which was 'Charles Dana Ulrick.' Charles Dana Ulrick, Brn.1886-1954 Had a Wife named: Maude Ulrick- No further information.

Charles Dana and Maude Ulrick had two sons and one daughter named: Leon Ulrick, Eleanor Ulrick and Clifford Ulrick. Clifford Ulrick, Lived; 24, December 1922-16,July 1994. Wife named Velma Cleveland, and had three sons named: Bradford,Terry and Dennis. Clifford Ulrick owned and operated a golf course...

“ULRICH” The Components of the Ulrich Family Name Coat of Arms: The Shield is: A red and gold shield with three six- point stars and a border. The Crest is: An eagle The motto is: None/Unknown

(This short Compilation done: Year-2000 A.D.)



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