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Hear Ye! The Baron Doth To Recommend that....

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Willkommen Zum Schloss Ulrich! Welcome to UlricKastle and the village of Ulrichstein!

Thou hath entered into the barony and kastlestein of "Herr Rittmeister Baron Ulrick Von Ulrichstein." Lord, Knightmaster and Baron of this Bavarian kastlestein and the surrounding village of Ulrichstein! As knightmaster and member of the 'Teutonic Order of Knights,'the baron doth to uphold all knightly virtues of honour, hope, strength, courtesy, humility, prudence, temperance, faith, justice and charity! The baron doth to expel all sins of anger, pride, envy, lust, gluttony, greed and sloth! For thy convenience, the fine folk of Ulrichstein in this Bavarian realm, speaks mostly in english with some german reference... There are many english speaking fine folk within the realm of Ulrichstein! Prithee to view the kastles hall of courtly speech to learn the talk of the realm... NOTE: To view this page in its true font, thee must download the "MagicMedieval" font posted below. If thee cannot find it, prithee to send the Baron a missive and he shall send it along to thee... ALL are most welcome to UlricKastle! This kastlestein was fortified and est. on March, in the year of our lord, A.D., 1999."

The true font and writing style of UlricKastle is MagicMedieval

To view the true font used on this page just download and unzip into your "Windows Fonts folder." You will then be able to view the verbage on this page in the same medieval font used in the UlricKastle logo banner.."

All graphics, images, pictures etc., are either scanned, from clipart castle, castle trash, skullnet- home of the horizontal rule, Bryde's Mediaeval, Dyzan Domain, or the Barons own. UlricKastle gives special thanks and gratitude to "Lady Dyzan" of Dyzan Domain for the new UlricKastle Welcome Banner's of this site! Also, to "Lady Elaine" for the original making of this welcome banner which can be viewed now at the banner's page.. Also, we give gratitude to "Lady Elaine" for the making of 'Baron Ulrick's Noble Site Award,' Which is a timeless masterpiece and shall ever be greatly appreciated! If thou art thinks it worthy, Thee may apply for the award, at the 'Apply for Baron Ulrick's Noble Site Award' listed in UlricKastle links above! Be thee sure to check out the Barons newest awards there as well. Baron Ulrick's "Knight Award" and UlricKastle's "Realm Award of Excellence." huzzah!

Hear ye! UlricKastle is now proud to be included in the 'Excalibur,' 'WyndMyre Villiage,' 'Realm of enchantment,' 'Rainbow Dragon,' 'Mystical Places' 'Allies of the Empire,' the 'Ring of Chivalry' und more other great web rings! Pry'thee, be free to visit those rings and to explore other great realm's as well, like this one after thy visit here! The baron is also proud to hath been accepted as a member into the real'm of 'excalibur,' upholding this site to be rated child-safe for all! Special thanks are also in order to some of the owners of those sites for bestowing the first awards upon this kastle. Those awards can be viewed on the 'UlricKastle's Gallery of Art and Awards' page. If thou would'st like UlricKastle to be apart of thy web~ring, then feel free to let the Baron know for thy consideration.. Grammarcy!

Thank thee for visiting the village of Ulrichstein at ULRICKASTLE! Pry'thee, come back and visit us again soon and do not forget to sign the new 'Guestbook of Scrolls' before thee departs on the rest of thy journey.... If thou came by web-ring, Pry'thee to find thy ring on 'The Barons Web-Rings' posted above....Grammarcy, good travels and huzzah! "Herren Baron Ulrick Von Ulrichstein"

Here be some kastle humour from the sorcerer Merlin!

Dost thou knowest why the middle ages was also sometimes known as the dark ages?

Answer: Because, there were alot of knights....Huzzah! Yes, Thats It!

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