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The stories are listed in alphabetical order, with short summaries. For your convience, the Pet series is placed together (Though not all the titles start with "P")


Dear Friend, the Love of My Life

by Lissa Michelle/ Sometime in our future, a famous American model, Lynne Lewis, sets out for England.

Juliano's story, relocated from Rea's page. This is the story of Yolanda Fairchild.

I Need You
by Jane Williams, a new author. This story is a brief interlude into the life of Paul, after Jane Asher left him.

In My Life
Kate Stocker's story, also recently relocated from Rea's.

a new story, by a new author, Tomi.

My Hard Day's Night
A new story by, A story about a girl who would do anything to be with the Beatles.. and does.

Out of Your Shell
by, a new author. Check it out!

The Small Thingie We All Call Pet!
by, also based on one of her cartoons. Even were I able to explain this story, I'd still say the title sums it up pretty well.

Pet's Little Problem
by, second in the Pet series.

Pet becomes a Daddy!
a new story, by, third in the Pet series.

Now what? And Who?
by, fourth in the Pet series. This story keeps growing and growing... the plot thickens.

The great Pet Detective
by, 5th in the Pet series.

Paul's Love Goes To Far
a new story, by, 6th in the Pet series.

Ringo Faces the Truth, and Barb Loses
a new story, by, 7th in the Pet series.

a new story, by, 8th in the Pet series.

The Giant
a new story, by, 9th in the Pet series

a new story, by Naomi Miller, author of "On the Streets" This tale concerns Paul, a car, 5 AM Wednesday morning, and a certian rumor... can you guess yet?

a new story, by, based on one of her cartoons. Ringo's gotten some candy from Wonka, the infamous candy maker, and he gives it to the other boys... Interesting things develope...

The Sleepwalking Beatle
A new story by, a mystery about a sleepwalking Beatle...

You Won't See Me!
A new story, by a new author, about what happens when Paul's popularity ratings take a sudden drop! (Also hosted by Blue Sub)

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