The Fluff Series

This is the home of my Fluff Series.  The Fluff Series follows the Another Chance Trilogy, so go read that first.  This'll make a whole lot more sense if you do.  Angel's human in my stories, and there wis not one word of angst.  Aren't you proud??  :-)  This branches off from the Buffyverse, so nothing after Passion happened.  Okay, now on with the stories!!!

House Hunting 101    Angel and Buffy go house hunting with Joyce and Katrina with the real estate woman from hell.  Not literally, figuratively, people.  PG-14.  Set directly after A Deadly Game

Furniture Shopping for Dummies    Buffy and Angel's new house needs brand new furniture.  Buffy's in her element, while Angel can barely stand the tortures of shopping.  PG-14.

Moving Day    Buffy and Angel are officially moving into their house!

Meow    Buffy finds a stray kitten outside Sunnydale High. Will Angel let her keep it?

Interview With an (Ex) Vampire    Angel has a job interview at an unlikely place. What happens when he gets it?

Browsing and Buying    Cordelia, being true to her word, take Buffy and Willow shopping.

An Unexpected Guest    An important person in Buffy's life shows up, demanding to know why she's not living under her mother's roof anymore.

Germs    Angel hasn't been sick for two centuries. It's not exactly a picnic when he gets sick for the first time in a long time.

A Night of Hellmouthy Fun    Buffy's friends decide it's time for Buffy and Angel to get out of the house for night. Mini golf and the Bronze ensue.

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