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A humourous and archival look at ourselves... The photos exhibited here are an ecclectic look through our history. Habituees (from either side of the bar) are pictured here. From Richard (1959) to Dave (1999), the gay face of Montreal is hangin' 'round our bar... So come on over! Look, marvel, and be a part of our history...

The Louvre, the Tate, the Prado... Everyone has a favorite gallery... Le Mystique has the best! Dubbed the WALL OF FRAMES, it can also pass as the most comprehensive public display of photographs of gay Montrealers.

It's a gay old life.  A selected history of Montreal's gay and lesbian citizens can be seen in NOSTALGAY, a permanent collection launched last Sunday, June 27, at Le Mystique (1424 Stanley), one of the city's oldest gay establishments. The photos date back several decades and feature shots of a variety of queer Montrealers, including John Banks, pictured here with Marlene Dietrich in 1964 (photographer unknown). Banks was the movie star's personal assistant for over a decade

The Mirror
July 1st, 1999

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