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Welcome to The Empire State Chat Club


Just what is 'NickServ' you ask? Well, on Freedomchat.net, you are allowed and even encouraged to register your nickname. This way, no one else is allowed to use your nickname but you!

How do I Register? When you join the network, all you need to do is simply type the following information. Please note that and are where you put in your own information. Once you've registered, your nickname is yours and yours alone. If you have any problems registering your nickname, please type /join #chatzone or #help and ask a friendly operator in the channel. Someone is always there to offer their assistance for all of our users.

To Register, Type /msg nickserv register (nickname) (password)

IRC-Chat.net also offers other services, such as ChanServ. If you would like to register your very own channel, please join #irc-chat for assistance in doing so...but please remember, no underage sex rooms, no beastiality, and no rooms that are degrading to another person who may be chatting at our network.

To visit our network, please type /server irc.freedomchat.net if you are on a personal computer. If you are on a Sega Saturn Netlink, type in pwchat://irc.freedomchat.net:6665/#chatzone. You may also use other port numbers to connect. We support ports 6665-6669 and 7000. We look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to go to IRC-Chat.net! Click Here for our Members Area Click Here to Join! Click Here to Learn about NickServ!

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