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Welcome to The Empire State Chat Club!

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Thank you for visiting The New Yorkers Empire Club ! Please Sign The guestbook here and be sure to visit Freedomchat @ http://www.freedomchat.net today for kOoL chat with kOoL katz n' kittens !

We'd like to welcome you to The Empire State Chat Club website! Here we will tell you about who we are, and how you can benefit from becoming a member of our group.

First and foremost, we are not a war group in any way, shape or form. We are simply a group of people on a server based out of New York, NY who gather for fun and chat on the Freedomchat IRC-Chat Network. We invite you to read on to learn more about our network and how we can benefit you as a member.

Freedomchat.net is a small but growing network, owned and operated by LeoRuLes. He has gone to great lengths to assure every user that they will be protected from abusive users, those performing illegal activites, child pornography and any other circumstances which would hinder the enjoyment of those who come to chat at Freedomchat.net. He personally has seen to it that all IRCops are well trained and know what they are doing at all times. You can rest assured, that while chatting on Freedomchat.net, all public rooms are monitored, no matter what time of the day or night.

IRC-Chat.net offers such services as Nickserv, Chanserv, Memoserv and BotServ. If you do not know what these are, don't worry. There is always a helpful IRCop to assist you in any way they can. Nickserv allows users to register their nicknames with a password, so that no other user may use that particular nick. For more information on NickServ, please use the link on this site. We are happy to give you all the information you need in order to make your experience with us a pleasant one. You are more than welcome to come bring your friends and even start your very own channel. It's very easy to do, and lots of fun too! Other services will be explained upon request on the network server.

Because Freedomchat.net is a moderate size network, we experience very little lag and thus far, no real netsplits. While the internet is a widely used tool in today's world, there can be no real guarantee that these things will not occur. It has been our experience, however, that these are very rare occurances on our network.

We invite you to join our server, at chat.freedomchat.net, ports 6660-6669/7000 for PC Users, and pwchat://chat.freedomchat.net:6665/#chatzone for Sega Dreamcast Users. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask one of our friendly operators. You will find them in every public channel with the @ symbol in front of their nicknames. Some of our more popular channels include, #chatzone (a wonderful help/chat channel), #trivia (where you can play games with other users), #warez (where you can either trade or just receive mp3 and free files), and many other channels which provide fun and entertainment for people of all ages.

Please feel free to click our 'JOIN US' link to fill out our form to join our club. We assure you that all information will be kept confidential. Upon joining, your name will be placed on our Members page. We will contact you with more information so that we can help you promote your own personal web sites. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions in the text box on the form.


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