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~Support Our Troops~
Honoring Our Vets
Captain America
~America's Heros~
I Was There
FireFighters Prayer
under construction
under construction
under construction
Steelers Fan
The Tablecloth
Heart Of Glass
bAd #%# DaY
Your Beautiful
Forever Gone
Time In A Bottle
Heart Of Stone
Smoke Rings In The Dark
Dreams I Dream
Leather'n Lace
Last Thing On My Mind
The Rain Came Down
My Old Friend..The Blues
Don't Want To Lose You Yet
It's All Up To You
The Angels Cry
Ocean Gypsy
Love Lift Us Up
Move On
Rose Garden
One More Day
Rubber Duckie BathTime
Hold Me
Little Angel Eyes
Even When I'm Blue
Tribute To Dale
It's A Lovely Day
Burning Desires
Windows To My Heartİ
Happy 101st Birthday Grandma Franklin
Legend of the SandDollar
Give Me One Reason
Ridge Top
Gray Day
Beauty In The Park
When You Come Back Down
Kick Down The Door
What If It's You?
No Arizona
Heart'n Soul
Dreamy Eyes
Need You Next To Me
Wild Paints
Dave Story Memorial
Harriett's Thoughts
A Oneness
The Fence
Color Of The Heart
I'll Be
"Tell Her"
Lettin' Go
Love To Ashes
Kiss This !!
That Old Yellow Car
"Loves' Bridges"
Somethang To Miss
A Gift For Tom_-.Toms GetAway
Natural Beautyİ
Strait Songs 4 U
```Check,,, "YES" or "NO"
Love Endures
Her Stolen Heartİ
Beneath The Falls
One Honest Heart
Lifes' Storms
A Room In My Heart
Steps To Life
The Get Awayİ
Spark Of Love
Waves Of Time
Diamonds And Coal
Fearless Heart
Blues' Canyon View
Deep Love
Seasons' Greetings
Happy Y2K
That Kiss
Whispers On The Wind
Pass Me By
26 Cents
Forever In Mind
Edge Of Good-Bye
When Tears Fall To Heaven
Dream Of Me
Carved In Stone
Under The Rainbowİ
Together, Back To Back
Squeeze Me In
Whooos Gonna Get Me Over You?
Prayin' For Daylight
I Hope You Dance
When You Need My Love
If You See Him/If You..
Bop=Remember When?
Good-Bye Is All We Have Left To Say
BlueClears'Paint Lobby
~*~A Friend~*~ ~*~A Gift~*~ For IDaveI
Friendships Last Forever
VP Connections
The Hunter Rick's
Jody's Wedding
Blues'Little Angels AV Paint Studio
What 2 Eat 4 Breakfast?
Happy Birthday Blues'Angel

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*~*~Led Zeppelin~*~*

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