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Ballaghaderreen - County Roscommon


The Ballaghaderreen area was formerly part of County Mayo. It has been identified with County Roscommon for well over a century. The meaning of its name in Gaelic Irish is "the way of the little oaks."

In 1859, a transfer of a Costello barony in Mayo to the barony of Frenchpark in Roscommon took place by act of Paliament. Ballaghderreen being its main town is the seat of the Roman Catholic diocese of Achrony.

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Kiltobranks - 1.5 miles from town

"Corrigan's dance hall." The structure was originally that of a stable, a stopping off point where horses would be unharnessed, fed and put to pasture for a few days rest. A Rest-Stop for horse-drawn coaches bringing people, mail and goods from and to Dublin.

Robert Corrigan, returning from America in the early 1930s, and fresh with new ideas and with his savings and labor created a much needed and appreciated meeting place for the youth of his day. Robert, passed away in 1937 and did not live to experience the full measure of his efforts. By the early 1960s the last of his family left for the US. His wife, Brigid, now at rest after 100 years Their children have wonderful memories and stories to relate about the hall, the preparation that was necessary prior to the musicians and dancers arrival for the Sunday evening festivities. The cleaning and filling of the oil lamps that were spaced throughout the hall and the spreading of the GRANNO with which to make the dancer's glide seem effortless on the dance floor. The glow of the dim and flickering light sources introduced an ambience that was a truly a setting for romance. The hall being situated in close proximity to Mrs Corrigan's farmhouse home provided the dancing ladies with an ideal get-away to freshen up and to discuss any prospects that were their fancy. Many a blissfully married couple from around the area can trace their love connection, during a more innocent time, to Corrigan's hall.

Oh! to dream of the ..... dancing - Oh! the ring of the ..... tune
Gone Alas! - like our youth too soon.

Article by Mary Frances Fahy
The newly crowned Miss Ireland, Emir Holohan-Doyle has Ballaghaderreen connections. Her mother Jane and stepfather Des, live in Creevy, Lisacul, and her grandmother, Sheila Holohan (nee Fleming) is a native of Glosh, Carracastle.
The beautiful Ms Doyle, a music student, was the unanimous choice of the jury. She is an accomplished pianist and woodwind player who has already played for Jean Kennedy Smith. She is a past pupil of Kylemore Abbey and represented Galway in the competition.
Miss Ireland, 1999

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Black '47

Black "forty-seven" left an indelible mark on the west of Ireland. In the mid '40s the young men who had joined O'Connell's constitutional Repeal Movement became impatient with his efforts and formed their own Young Ireland Movement. One of these John Blake Dillon, son of Luke, was born in Ballaghaderreen, in 1814.
A piece culled from Maire McDonnell-Garvey's book entitled "The Ancient Territory of Sliabh Lugha." Book should be part of one's library.

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Roscommon is a county in Connacht province in north central 
Ireland. Situated on Ireland's fertile central plain, the county
has an area of 2,463 sq km (951 sq mi) and a population of 56,228.
The capital is Roscommon. Livestock raising and agriculture are
economically important. Sheep are raised in the highlands, oats and
potatoes are grown, and coal is mined in the hills. Most of Roscommon
belonged to the O'Kelly family before the English invasion of the area
in the 17th century. It continued to remain isolated from England after
the occupation.

Some Roscommon Notables

Hyde, Douglas
(1860-1949), Irish scholar and author, first president
of Eire (Ireland), serving 1938-45; born in County Roscommon; well
known for his work to make Gaelic a living language; president of
Gaelic League, of which he was a founder, 1893-1915; wrote `A Literary
History of Ireland'; translations from Gaelic, and plays.

French, George Arthur (1841-1921), Canadian soldier, born in
Roscommon, Ireland; 1873 organized North West Mounted Police,
since 1920 Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Flanagan, Edward Joseph (1886-1948). Roman Catholic priest.
Born on July 13, 1886, in Roscommon, Ireland. He came to the
United States in 1904 and became a citizen in 1919. After being
ordained in 1912, he served in various parishes in Nebraska. He
established a hotel for the poor in Omaha in 1914. In 1917 he began
the Home for Homeless Boys, which was moved outside of Omaha and
incorporated as Boys Town.


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