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Grosse Ile, Canada

The Irish Memorial

Surnames of those who died at sea or in quarantine, buried on Grosse Ile, in 1847.

Table shows unknowns and some surnames with loss of lives count. Do not be confused about persons bearing Irish names sailing from British ports. It was more often the case that they had to travel to British ports for a boat to Canada, to the USA and elsewhere.
Be mindful, that some of the deceased names obtained from the publication that is referenced within this page were not of Ireland.
Name Sailed from Country Persons
Unknown! Cork Ireland    47
Brien Cork Ireland    25
Kelly Liverpool England    25
Sullivan Liverpool England    12
Sullivan Cork Ireland    46

Abbot Adair Agnew Ahern Alary Alexander Allen Allison Anderson Andrews Araight Armstrong Arnold Ashe Atkinson Aylward Bachus Bailey Baker Baldwin Bamford Bane Banks Bannon Barber Barnes Barrett Barry Bartley Bateman Bates Bath Bean Beatty Beck Bedford Beggs Begley Behan Bell Bennett Bentley Bergin Berkley Berry Berryment Bevel Bingham Bink Birch Bird Birmingham Birney Bishop Bisner Black Blake Blakley Blaney Bodkin Bohan Bonar Booth Bourke Bowe Bowlan Bowles Boyd Boyle Boyne Brabason Bradley Brady Branagan Breadon Breen Brennan Breslin Brett Brickley Brien Brigham Britton Brock Broderick Brogan Brophy Brosnan Brown Bruce Bryan Bryson Buckland Buckley Bullman Burchill Burke Burns Butler Byers Byrne Caffrey Cahill Cahir Cain Callaghan Cameron Campbell Canny Carey Carmody Carney Caroline Carpenter Carr Carrigan Carroll Carrothers Cart Carter Carton Carty Casey Cash Cashel Cashman Cassidy Caulfield Cavanagh Cawley Chambers Cheasty Chisholm Chittick Christie Cinnamon Clancy Clark Cleary Clegg Clifford Closkey Cluff Clune Clyne Clynes Coakley Cochrane Cody Coen Coffey Cogan Coggins Coghlan Colbert Colclough Coleman Colgan Collins Collough Colter Commerford Conaty Condon Conegan Conlan Connaugton Connell Conners Connolly Connor Constantine Convey Conway Coogan Cook Coolahan Cooley Cooney Cootes Coppinger Corbett Corcoran Corish Corkery Cormick Cornell Corrigan Cosgrove Costello Coughlan Coulter Courtney Coveny Cox Coyle Crane Cranny Crawford Crawley Creary Creed Creen Cregan Creighton Creikmize Cremin Croker Cromie Cronin Crooks Crosby Crossan Crowe Crowley Cuffe Culkin Cullen Culligan Cummings Cummins Cunnane Cunneen Cunningham Curley Curran Curry Curtin Cussen Dahill Daley Dalton Daly Darby Darcey Dargan Darmody Davey Davidson Davitt Dawley Dawson Dean Deasy Deegan Deenan Deery Deevy Delahunt Delaney Delmage Demon Dempsey Denney Derbyshire Dermott Derry Desmond Devaney Devine Devlin Dickson Dignan Dillon Dineen Dingel Dinsmore Dirrane Dixon Dobbin Dobbins Dobsin Dobson Dodds Doherty Dolan Donaghy Donald Donegan Donelan Donnelly Donoghue Donohoe Donovan Doody Doogan Doohan Doolan Dooley Doolin Doran Douglas Dowell Downes Downey Downing Doyle Drain Drew Driscoll Drohan Drum Drummy Duff Duffy Duggan Duignan Dunbar Duncan Dunlief Dunlop Dunn Dunnigan Durkin Dwyer Early Edwards Egan Egerton Eichner Elliott English Ennis Enrian Eustace Evans Fadden Fagan Fahey Fallon Falloon Falvey Fanning Farlane Farley Farmer Farrell Farren Farry Fay Fee Feeney Fenlon Fennely Fenton Fergus Ferguson Ferris Ferriter Finaghy Finch Finlay Finn Finnegan Finneran Finnerty Fisher Fitzgerald Fitzpatrick Fitzsimmons Flahy Flanagan Flannelly Fleming Flood Flore Flynn Fogarty Foley Foran Forbes Ford Forkin Forrestall Forster Foster Fox Foy Framer Francis Fraser Frost Fuller Furlong Gaffney Gahan Galbraith Gallaghan Gallagher Gallivan Galvin Galway Gamble Ganley Gannon Gansen Garrett Garrigle Garry Gaughan Gaughran Gault Gavaghan Gavin Gawley Gaynor Geary Geehan Geraghty Gerald Gettins Getty Gibbs Gibbon Gibbons Gibney Giles Gill Gillan Gilleroy Gilligan Gilloway Gilmartin Gilmour Ginley Gleeson Glenny Glynn Goen Gogan Goggin Golding Gordon Gorman Gracey Grady Graham Grannan Grant Graves Gray Greally Greany Green Gregory Griffin Grimason Grimes Grimley Groarke Grogan Grunnile Guerin Guinan Guiney Gunning Haddock Haddon Hagan Hagert Haines Haley Hall Hallahan Halligan Halton Hamburg Hamel Hamilton Hammond Handy Hanifin Hanley Hanlon Hanna Hannigan Hannon Harding Hardy Hare Harkin Harkness Harley Harold Harrell Harrigan Harrington Harrison Hart Hartigan Hartinfeld Hartman Hartnett Harty Hassett Hawe Hawkins Hawthorn Hayes Headon Healy Hegarty Henderson Hendrick Henehan Hennessy Henrick Henry Henshaw Heron Hession Hetherington Hewitt Hickey Higgins Hill Hilliard Hinchy Hoban Hodgins Hodnett Hoey Hogan Holden Holland Hollinger Holloway Holly Holmes Homan Honan Hone Hood Hoolahan Hooley Hooligan Hopkins Horn Horrigan Hosty Howard Howe Howell Howley Hoy Hubert Hucher Hughes Hurley Hurson Hussey Hylan Hynes Ireland Irvine Ivory Jack Jackle Jackson Jacob James Jamieson Jenkins Jennings Johnson Johnston Jolly Jones Jordan Joy Joyce Joynt Judge Keady Kean Kearney Kearns Keating Keaveny Keefe Keenan Keily Keith Kelleher Kelly Kelsey Kenelly Kenna Kenneally Kennedy Kenny Keogh Keoghan Keon Kerbil Kerin Kernan Kerovan Kerr Keyes Kidd Kilbane Kilgallon Kilkelly Kilkenny Kileen Kilmartin Kilpatrick Kimble Kinahan Kinane King Kingle Kingston Kinighan Kiniry Kinnear Kinnon Kinsella Kirby Kirrane Kirsley Kirwin Knight Knox Krugen Kutehinmuster Kyle Lacey Laffey Lahiff Lally Lambert Lane Lang Langton Lanigan Lannigan Larkin Lashbrook Laughlin Lavelle Lavin Lawler Lawlor Lawrence Lawson Lawton Lean Leary Leddy Lee Lehan Lenaghan Lenechan Lenihan Lennane Lennon Leonard Leslie Levall Ley Linden Lindsay Linehan Little Lockhart Loftus Logan Lombard Long Lord Loughran Lovett Lowe Lowry Lucey Lunny Lynan Lynch Lynn Lyons MacElhoyle MacFarlane Madden Magnan Maguire Maher Mahon Mahoney Malley Malone Maloney Mangan Manley Mannihan Manning Mannion Manor Mara Mareas Markey Markham Marley Marshall Martin Mason Massey Masterson Matheson Matthewson Maxwell May Mays McAdam McAleer McAteer McAleese McAllen McAllister McAnally McAndrew McAneny McAnulty McArdle McArthur McAuley McAuliffe McCabe McCaffery McCahan McCain McCall McCallum McCandless McCann McCarrick McCarroll McCarron McCarry McCarter McCarthy McCarty McClaskey McCleary McClellan McClenaghan McClosky McClughan McClure McClusky McComb McConaghy McConnell McCool McCormick McCracken McCrea McCristol McCulloch McCutcheon Mcdermott McDonagh McDonald McDonnell McDougal Mcelrone McEwan McFadden McFarlane McFerran McGann McGarry McGaughey McGauran McGavin McGee McGennis McGerity McGettigan McGibbon McGill McGlinchey McGlynn McGoldrick McGough McGowan McGrady McGrath McGreal McGreevey McGuane McGuinn McGuinness McGuire McHale McHenry McHugh McInerney McIntyre McIver McKay McKee McKenna McKenzie McKeon McKinley McKinney McKinnon McKitrick McKitterick McLaughlin McLean McLennon McLeod McMahon McManamy McManus McMaster McMeekin McMillan McMinn McMullen McNab McNamara McNeilan McNeill McNickle McNider McNiece McNulty McPherson McQuinn McSweeney McTavish McTeague McTernan McTiffin McVeigh Mea Meade Meany Meara Mears Meehan Melville Memel Mense Merrick Mesner Millan Miller Millett Milligan Mills Minihane Minnock Mitchell Molloy Monaghan Monday Monnelly Montgomery Moody Mooney Moore Moran Morey Morgan Moriarty Morissey Moroney Morris Morrison Morrow Morton Mountain Mulally Mulhall Mulhern Mulholland Mullaney Mullen Mulligan Mullins Mullowny Mulrooney Mulroy Mulvey Murphy Murray Murtagh Myers Nagle Nally Nangle Nash Naughton Navin Naylor Neal Neale Needham Neenan Neilan Neill Nestor Neville Newman Nicholas Nocton Nogiel Nolan Noonan Noone Norris Nugent Nyhan O'Boyle O'Brien O'Connell O'Donnell O'Dowd O'Gahan O'Halloran O'Hara O'Heron O'Kane O'Keefe O'Laughlin O'Neill O'Rourke Oakley Oliver Olson Orr Osborne Owens Padden Paisley Palmer Panier Parker Parkinson Parr Partlan Partridge Patrick Patten Patterson Patton Payne Peel Perrott Perry Phelan Philips Pickering Pidgeon Pierce Pigott Pilling Piper Plunkett Porter Powell Power Prendergast Preston Priest Proude Purcell Purvis Queally Quigley Quinane Quincy Quinn Quinney Quirke Rafferty Ralph Ratcliffe Reardon Reddin Reddington Reddy Redmond Regan Reid Reilly Renchel Reunet Reynolds Rice Richard Richardson Riddell Riordan Richie Roach Robb Roberts Robinson Roche Rocheford Rock Rodgers Rogan Rohan Rolan Rooney Ross Rourke Rovimberg Rowan Rowe Ruddle Ruddock Ruddy Rulseek Rush Ruth Rutledge Rutsek Ruttle Ryan Ryder Sanders Sanderson Santry Saunders Saurin Savin Scally Scanlan Scheuter Schmidt Scott Scully Seed Sexton Seymour Shanahan Shanley Shanlon Shannon Sharkey Shaw Shea Shearer Sheehan Sheehey Sheeran Sheridan Sherlock Sherman Sherone Sherrard Sherry Shiel Shields Shortt Silke Simms Simpson Sinclair Skerrett Slater Sleith Sloan Small Smith Smyth Spears Spellman Spence Spillane Stack Stanton Starr Steel Steenson Stenson Stone Stoop Storey Strahan Straren Strecht Stringer Stritch Stuart Sullivan Sutton Swally Swanton Sweeney Swift Switzer Synge Taaffe Talbot Tally Tansey Tarrant Tate Taylor Teague Teahan Thompson Thornton Thynne Tierney Timlin Timmons Timony Toal Tobin Tolan Tomelty Toner Toole Toomey Tracey Trainor Travers Traynor Trotter Tuchs Tucker Tully Tunny Turnbull Turner Twohig Tyrrell Vandine Vaughan Verdon Verling Wadell Wade Waldron Waleys Walker Wall Welch Weldon Wells Whelan White Whitehead Whiteside Whitney Whitton Wiener Wilcox Williams Williamson Willis Wilmot Wilson Wilton Wistnis Wittell Woods Wright Wylie Wynne

Some of the transporting vessels bore names: Scotland, Avon, Asia, Larch, Agamemnon, Primrose, Rose, Eliza Caroline, Champion, Agent, Jane Black, Pandora .... etc.

Sons & Daughters of Erin - Pray for the souls of the deceased brethern.

A Register of Deceased persons at Sea and on Grosse Ile in 1847, by Andre Charbonneau and Doris Drolet-Dube, and a 1847, Grosse Ile: A Record of daily events, by Andre Charbonneau and Andre Sevigny can be obtained from Group Communication Canada.
Phone 1-800-635-7943 if you wish to purchase one or both of these publications.