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Welcome to the Seneca Falls Historical Society... located at 55 Cayuga Street in Seneca Falls, NY. Founded in 1896, our mission is to acquire, preserve and present documents and objects that relate to the history of Seneca Falls and Seneca County. We maintain a 23 room Queen Anne Style Victorian Mansion and present the first floor and a portion of the second, as they might have been circa 1890, as a home of a wealthy Victorian family. We have rooms dedicated to local industries, changing and seasonal exhibits and a gift shop. There is always something new to see. Our extensive archives, photographic collections, genealogical records and library are used by researchers throughout the country. The collections are particularly rich in Women's Rights and history, the Civil War and local genealogy and history. We have many programs throughout the year, so check out our Events page to see what is new and when we might be closed. All are invited and encouraged to visit us in Seneca Falls, many great museums and historical sites to see and experience!

We hope you enjoy your visit! If you have any questions, you can reach the Historical Society staff at (315)-568-8412, Fax (315)-568-8426 or email us at Plus check out our Upcoming Events Page.

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