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Pre-Fab-Fic Stories
These are stories written by and before they got together to make Fab-fic.

A Lovely Usual Day On The Set of A Hard Day's Night!
By JPamLennon

Remember that scene in A Hard Day's Night when John runs into a car full of girls proclaiming his innocence? Well here's a little story behind that...*FIRST STORY WRITTEN BY AUTHOR*

By Racheld

Pepperland needs help again! The Beatles go in a silver spaceship to help, an along the way of helping meet some very strange people. *FIRST STORY WRITTEN BY AUTHOR*
By Racheld

It's been a long day, and Paul decides to cool down by going online...

Love is all you need...even in the strangest situations...
By JPamLennon

One morning John and Paul wake up to find that they've switched bodies! How can they get out of this one?

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