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Mirror Image

~by Racheld

This story is set in Late Beatle Years. The main character? Ringo.

Act One

Scene 1: Through the Looking Glass

Scene 2: Dreams

Scene 3: Tripping

Scene 4: To the top

Scene 5: Black Diamond

Scene 6: Breaking

Scene 7: Being a Short Diversion on Dubious Origins

Scene 8: Come Together

Scene 9: Right Now

Scene 10: Over Me

Act Two

Scene 1: Brave New World

Scene 2: As the World Turns

Scene 3: Curiouser and Curiouser

Scene 4: No More Lonely Nights

Scene 5: I"m Losing You

Scene 6: Jumper

Scene 7: Two Of Us

Scene 8: Moving Right Along

Scene 9: Interesting Times

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