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My FIRST Yankee game! Wow, Yankee Stadium sure is beautiful! I just got back from my very first Yankee game, which was awesome. Now, its no Shea Stadium (delightful in its own way), but when I realized that Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, Phil Rizzuto, and all the many other legends of the games that were Yankees had played right in that stadium, I felt very happy to finally be there.

So the Yankees killed the Boston Red Sox, who never had a chance. Derek Jeter hit a Grand Slam in like the second inning. The Sox never scored... well, unless you count that one run in the last inning, but most of the fans had left the inning or two before. I stayed, of course, being the true baseball fan that I am.

Actually, it was seven innings of quality, American baseball PLUS two innings of random fighting in the stands! I couldn;t believe how many things got thrown and how many incidents there were. Ths one white kid fell down three steps onto this poor little black girl's lap! He was pulled up off of her buy the girl's dad, who was not amused at all. Soda spilled all over the girl. The guy got up and stumbled back up the bleachers, complete with blood running out of his nose.

Across the stadium, but still in the Tier Reserved section where I was sitting, a drunk fan jumped from one section down to the next one, bouncing off of, and finally landing on, several fans. What a mess! That never happens at Shea!

I got the tickets for free today, which was nice, from my boss, who got complimentary tickets from Coca-Cola and then couldn't go. Yeah, ticketS, with an 'S.' I got three. Too bad I ended up going alone after an hour IMing down my buddylist and calling everyone whose numbers I had (and some I looked up). That really sucked, though, although just going was good enough for me.

But, its amazing how I couldn't give away two FREE TICKETS to a Yankee game -- in New York City!!! Oh well, at least Bart bought me a hot dog, which was really nice and totally unexpected. i also got about half a pretzel, also very nice of him.

I think it was an accomplishment to only be yelled at twice because I was wearing all Mets apparel to Yankee stadium. The Boston fans in attendance (there seemed to be quite a few) got it much worse -- whole sections booed and yelled obscenities (and in some cases, threw garbage at them) as they walked to and from their seats.

I saw one incident with my trusty binoculars that happened two or three secitons to the right (towards home plate) where a whole section of fans cleared out because two or three drunk(?) Yankee fans were throwing anything they could find (beer, beer cups, pretzels, porpcorn, hot dogs, etc) at these two Sox fans, who seemed to be minding their business. Oh well, sucks for them. I think that Yankee Stadium may always have as many police officers at games as the Mets do when John Rocker comes into town! (which is a lot!)

Tonight not only marks my first Yankee game, but also my first trip (by subway or otherwise) north of 125th Street in Manhattan and also my first trip to the Bronx (not counting the Bronx Zoo trips of year's past!). And I didin't get killed or robbed! Hell yeah!

That is all for now! (I can't wait for July 8th -- I have Mets-Yanks Subway Series tickets at Yankee Stadium!)

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Uhhh... So when exactly are they going to start The Mole Blog?

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Internet kills Video? Check out Internet Killed the Video Star, a cute little ode to a technologically evolving world.

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I was elected! Wow, I was just elected Grievance Chair for the Student Activities Board, a sub-committee of the NYU University Senate. I will be the guy all student clubs at NYU complain to about other clubs and the guy that has to deal with any club that breaks any rules. Being elected into this position is a really cool thing, since I recently lost my race for the Program Board Film Chair (the position I held this semester) to Christina. Lose one election, win another. I can deal with that. :)

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Straphangers Unite! All subway riders in NYC should find out more info on the Straphangers Campaign.

Also, be active in your commute -- visit BetterTransit.

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Amazon NewsChannel? Well, Professor Rosenblum would probably argue that amazoning the news is oly a few years away. (Take "TV and the Information Explosion" at NYU for further explanation.)

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Even the best of intentions won't do my homework! Hey, so Ryan over at sixfoot6.com knows all about motivation: ...when there are too many responsibilities, i do nothing. when there are too many options, i do nothing. and when there are too few responsibilities or options, i do nothing... ::sigh::

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At home, new computer. Wow, despite all odds, my family got a new computer at home!!! I guess after years of using an IBM 100mhz, 1GB Aptiva that sucked and could barely load a website, a new computer was bound to happen sometime. Luckily, it is a nice piece of machinery -- a Dell Dimension L-series, 933mhz Pentium III, 40 GB, CD ReWritable, speaker upgrade, etc. Now maybe my sisters can start their own blogs, my dad will be able to teach his online courses, and my mom will start using the computer (at least for email!).

Hrm, that reminds me... I have to upgrade my desktop sometime. I need some more memory and some USB ports. :::sigh:::

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