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The following are answers to frequently asked questions. It is organized in question/answer format. If the answer to your question is not found here, please e-mail Mr. Byer.

Question: Where is Brockport NY?
Answer: Brockport is located in just 15 minutes west of Rochester, New York. The entire school district is housed on one site, similar to a college setting. Btw, SUNY Brockport is our neighbor.

Question: Does everyone of your students have internet access?
Answer: No. Students, along with their parent/guardian, must have signed an acceptable use policy form in order to use the internet in school. They may, however, access the internet from some other source.

Question: Do you have the internet in your classroom?
Answer: Yes. Not all teachers have this resource, yet. The internet is slowly being integrated into the classroom. Students not in a classroom with internet access may use the library's computers.

Question: Must students have access to the internet to complete the classroom projects?
Answer: No, the projects are posted on the internet for students, parents and teachers to reference and to use.

Question: What is the HP telementoring project?
Answer: This is a mentor-protege relationship designed by Hewlett-Packard for students of math and science. Teachers must first apply to the program, then upon acceptance, their students may apply. This mentoring relationship is continued through e-mail communication.

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