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The RPDM's Links

The RPDM Network

Main Page
A Picture of the RPDM
Military Page
Maritime Page
Small Arms: Infantry Weapons of WWII
The history behind The USNR Eagle
The SS SeaLand Hawaii Page
The MV Kings Pointer Page
The MV Growler Page
The RPDM's SS John W. Brown Page
The Pfc. Henry A. Ciner Page
The Sgt. Anthony E. Lunko Page
My Humble Tribute to Old "33"
My Pittsburgh Page
Eat'n Park - The Place For Smiles
Click here if yunz are from da Burgh n'nat


Alex "da bear" Malykhin
Chris Rigo, Floyd Phreak extrodinaire
Erin Sanna...need I say more
Smitty - a.k.a. U-Boat Man
Dennis - The Mental Oriental

Maritime and Military Links

SS Edmund Fitzgerald
Liberty Ship SS John W. Brown
Maritime Global Net
United States Merchant Marine Academy
Civilian Marksmanship Program - Get your CMP M1 Garand
United States Marine Corps
United States Navy
Military SeaLift Command
United States Air Force
Royal Navy
Royal Air Force
Civil Air Patrol

Some Great Pittsburgh Links for "yunz"

Primanti Brothers Resturant - Best Sandwiches in da 'burgh
Learn to speak Pittsburghese
The Offical City of Pittsburgh Page
Everyday Pittsburgh: A great picture page
The Unoffical Donnie Iris Page
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Brewing Co. makers of Iron City and I.C. Light

Other Great Links

Campaign for Real Ale
Scour.Net - the place for MP3s
Winamp - The MP3 player of choice
Yahoo - The worlds most powerful search engine
Ebay - internet auctions, just don't get addicted
Victoria's Secret, the greatest store in the world