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The SS SeaLand Hawaii Page

Here are the vessel particulars on my ship, The SS SeaLand Hawaii

Former Names: SS Austral Endurance/SS American Merchant
Owner: Fleet National Bank, Hartford, Connecticut
Operator: SeaLand Services Inc., Elizabeth, New Jersey
MARAD Classification: C6-5-85a
Offical Number: 547288
Call Letters: K.I.R.F.
Built By: Ingalls Shipbuilding, Pasagoula, Mississippi
MARAD Hull Number: 256
Keel Laid: 02/09/71
Delivered: 05/01/73
Modified By: Maryland Shipbuilding & Dry Dock, 1981
Required Crew: 10 Officers and 16 Unliscensed Crew
Port of Registry: New York, New York
Type: Container Ship
Container Capacity: 1,432 Twenty Foot Containers or 718 Forty Foot Containers
Propulsion: Steam Turbine
Horse Power: 28,500 Shaft Horse Power

Length Overall: 669' 2 11/16"
Beam: 90'
Depth: 53'
Net Tons: 15,894 Tons
Gross Tons: 21,687.7 Tons
Dead Weight Tons: 19,533 Tons
Panama Canal Tons: 18,101.66 Tons

Cruising Speed: 24 knots (27.6mph)
Maximum Speed: 28 knots (32.2mph)
Fuel Oil Capacity: 3,944.76 Long Tonnes
Anchors: 3, each 12,500lbs - Baldt Snug Stowing Stockless Anchors
Anchor Chain: Starboard - 10 Shots (900 feet)/ Port - 11 Shots (990 feet)

Officers of the SS SeaLand Hawaii
Captains: Robert Barry, Jamie Carbone
Chief Mates: Bob Keiser, Jim Brennan, Bob McCarthy (relief)
Chief Engineers: Vince Touhey, Nim Golightly
First Engineer: Hugh Wade


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