Luse Meets the Purple Marauder

by Jolanta C. Biniek

There once was an elf from Amrahly'nn
Who was always out maimin' and killin'.
The clown in his head,
said he was quite mad,
But his guns were both ready and willin'.

He met the Marauder who dressed,
in a woman's panties and vest.
He always shrieked wildly,
about women (most vilely).
Luse thought death for him would be best.

The crazy-ass elf was repelled
by the values the purple freak held.
So when he appeared,
acting pervy and weird,
"Say goodnight to the Sandman!" Luse yelled.

The purple transvestite said "Nyar!",
turned and ran away quickly and far.
Luse couldn't believe,
his high heel-ed speed,
so he went to get drunk at a bar.

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