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Once-a-month from Drew not good enough for ya? (Cheap bastard...ahem.) Then you belong here, the Amrahly'nn Library, resource on the web for stories about Lusiphur and the gang. And as you know, they ain't no fairy tales we're telling.

You've been warned.

Important Notice: We the Fans lay no claim to the characters in any of these stories, except maybe the ones that we made up. Otherwise, Almighty Drew owns them all and we would appreciate not being whipped with piano wire, tattooed with Tammy Faye Bakker, etc.... In short, all familiar characters and places belong to Drew Hayes, and maybe Sirius as well, who knows? The stories themselves belong to their respective authors- do not reproduce without permission.

Alexa's Hit
by Samantha Trisken

Always A Fruitcake To Me... ~poem
by Jolanta C. Biniek

Basil~ poem
by Jolanta C. Biniek

by Solomon

The Emerald Stories
To Catch An Assassin
Can't Break Away
Dancing in the Dark

by Willow

Eulogy for an Assassin ~poem
by Jolanta C. Biniek

50 Ways To Kill An E'jja ~poem
by Jolanta C. Biniek

He Was Fun To Drink With
by Moonrose

Hyena ~poem
by Jolanta C. Biniek

In Which Lili Tells of Meeting a Particular Short, Temperamental, Raven-Haired Elf
by Moonrose

Inherited Traits
by Willow

by Brandon Hodge

Luse Meets the Purple Marauder~ poem
by Jolanta C. Biniek

Mishah ~poem
by Jolanta C. Biniek

Neurosis~ poem
by Pyrena

No One Knows What it's Like to Be the Bad Man, To be the Sad Man Behind Blue Eyes
by Mary Ciccocioppo. Otherwise known as "Luse's dream from issue #30."

Resurrection Man~ poem
by Jolanta C. Biniek

Sex and Violence~ poem
by Jolanta C. Biniek

To All The Guards I've Killed Before ~poem
by Jolanta C. Biniek

The Troll Chronicles
by Chris Cranny

The Veil of Darkness
by Cy

If you have any PE-related stories, poems or anything, e-mail me! I'll accept anything having to do even remotely with PE, Luse, or Amrahly'nn in general, so, that widens the chances, doesn't it?

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