Hyena ~poem

by Jolanta C. Biniek

This one is from Mulehide issue #12... introducing Hyena.

Luse's love life was a mess.
His ex a cranky sorceress
with a knack for destroying,
those she found annoying,
but boy did she know how to dress!

He traveled some distance to reach her
carrying a dead magical creature.
cursing his chore,
he knocked on the door
on which skulls were heavily featured.

She admitted him reluctantly
(he was the last elf she wanted to see)
but a bargain was made,
they agreed to a trade.
Who knew what the outcome would be...?

Luse examined her stuff at his leisure,
as he searched for a magical treasure.
he wanted a genie
but Hyena (that meany!)
didn't take to the concept with pleasure.

They argued and he persevered,
dismissing what Hyena feared.
They spoke of the past,
and why love didn't last,
...she missed him when he disappeared.

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