by Pyrena

This poem's kinda inspired by Parintachin, so for lack of anything better to do I decided to put it up. Enjoy.

I want a little clown
in my head,
That wiggles and jiggles
when he walks.
A funny clown
in my head,
That makes a silly giggle
when he talks.

I want a fuckin' clown
in my head
That giggles death stories
when I go to bed
A fucked-up little clown
in my head
Singing stories of happijolli people-
getting killed...

A punkass clown in my head
Screaming that shit
about a fucked-up world and all of it
That will be saved on Jesus' day
Except for people with clowns-
in their heads...

I want a little clown,
A funny clown,
a punkass, fucked-up
clown...silly clown...

There's a psycho clown
locked up in there
beneath the painted skin
and crazy hair
He whispers stories
just for me
(pause) of happijolli people-
getting killed...

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