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Las Vegas Basketball Teams

Las Vegas Aces: Active (Formerly the Orlando Aces)
American Basketball Association [ABA - Professional]
(This is not the same ABA that merged with the NBA in 1976.)

Las Vegas Bandits
Las Vegas Bandits: Defunct (Formerly Las Vegas Silver Bandits)
International Basketball League [IBL - Professional]
NEWS: As of 14 March 2001, this team has officially ceased operation (in mid-season!).
As of 8 October 2001, the IBL website has vanished.

Las Vegas Dealers: Defunct (1978-1979)
Western Basketball Association [WBA - Professional/Defunct (League Folded in 1979)]

Las Vegas Neon: Defunct, probably never played.
This was supposedly a proposed team for the ABA2000, but never materialized.
Any information will be welcome.

Las Vegas PROLYMs (2006 Only - Presumed Defunct)
American Basketball Association (Expansion Team)
Was to have been named the Las Vegas Lights or the Las Vegas Venom before a marketing deal with PROLYM Enterprises.
Read the Wikipedia article here.

Las Vegas Rattlers
Las Vegas Rattlers: Defunct (2003-2005)
American Basketball Association [ABA - Professional]
(Wikipedia article on the team is here.)

Las Vegas Silver Bandits
Las Vegas Silver Bandits: Changed name to Las Vegas Bandits

Las Vegas Silver Streaks
Las Vegas Silver Streaks: Defunct (1988-1990)
World Basketball League [WBL - Professional/Defunct (League Folded in 1992)]

Las Vegas Silvers
Las Vegas Silvers: Defunct (1981-1982)
Continental Basketball Association [CBA - Professional/Briefly Defunct, Resurrected in 2001]
[Developmental League of the NBA]
Team moved to Alberquerque, NM in mid-season
The NBA also operates the National Basketball Development League (NBDL, also known as the "D-League").

Las Vegas Slam
Las Vegas Slam: Operations suspended (2002-2003)
American Basketball Asssociation [ABA2000 - Professional/Defunct, Now Re-established]
The American Basketball Association, which billed itself as "ABA2000", is now back as "ABAlive".

Las Vegas Stars (2007-Present)
International Basketball League [IBL - Professional]
(This is not the same IBL that folded in 2001.)

Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles (California) Lakers (One game only, 1992)
National Basketball Association [NBA - Professional]
According to Michael Maher of Brooklyn, NY: "In 1992 during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Lakers played one of their playoff games at the Thomas & Mack Center. I believe the opponent was the Portland Trailblazers."

Utah Jazz
Utah Jazz: Promotional games only (1983-1984, 1984-1985)
National Basketball Association [NBA - Professional]
Played several home-schedule games at the Thomas & Mack Center, UNLV Campus, Las Vegas.
Logo shown is the one used during the years listed.
According to Nick Mojave, "...the Jazz' games at the Thomas and Mack were not exhibition games - they were regular season games. Kareem Abdul-Jabaar broke the NBA All-time scoring record at the Mack. The Jazz owners were allegedly experimenting with moving the team to Vegas. Funny, how 20 years later, that's out of the question due to our sports betting, but back then, it wasn't an issue... "

(But would that still make them "experimental" games? -sfs)


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