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Communities Against Riverboat Expansion


We are a Political Action group started by Brad Franzwa a resident of Riverside.

We are trying to bring to the people of Washington County valuable information to help them make an informed vote on this referendum.

We are funded by personal donations from anyone interested in helping to block the acceptance of a casino in Washington County.

We are concerned with the misleading information the casino is providing to our residents.  This is an established casino that has all facts about their existing operations. They have not been honest since the start, and to believe that it is not part of their plan to overwhelm and confuse you would be foolish.

Our primary goal is to defeat the referendum, but we also want to persuade our governments to not lock us in to only one casino before it is even voted on.  If it is passed we should be in the position to let the casinos compete for our business, and get the most for our communities.

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