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Marge Schnoebelen  is the chairperson of Washington County Citizens for Good Jobs.  Mrs. Schnoebelen is a well known Resident of Riverside.  This is the group that represents the interest of the Riverboat.  

This group has committed to paying for the cost of having the referendum on a date other than a regularly scheduled election day. 

This offer came after C.A.R.E complained that the taxpayers were having to pay for the casino to have a quick vote.

This group has been able to mail out 3, as of 8-01-2004, full color advertisements to most all of the county residents.

The cost of what the have done to date, and they are only beginning, is already in the thousands.  You must be thinking that there are a lot of people backing this group to have this amount of financing.

While until just before the vote we will not have the records of their contributors we can look at a previous example involving the Catfish Bend Casino.

The same referendum issue was recently brought to Webster County where the proponents organization campaigned with 3 separate donations totaling $330,000 dollars all donated by Kehl Management (owners of Catfish Bend Casino). 

Donít you find it hard to believe that this organization is promoting the interests of Washington County Citizens, and not that of the Casino?

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