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The First and Second.

From the outside the premises looks like any other Victorian terraced house. The street appears a little run down and repairs are needed on just about every house.

One of these homes was the focus of the printout I received that night.

The opening line of the printout was a request for the Police to assist, as someone in the house had been thrown down the stairs.
Nothing wrong there I thought, but the incident had been entitled "violent ghost".
Reading on I found that two people where stuck upstairs, unable to get down due to a ghostly force and a third who had tried, was now laid unconscious at the bottom of the stairs. Having been thrown over the banister by the said ghost.
The Police attended and the family moved out for the night, no further mention was made of the ghost or the injured party.
I spoke to the Police officers who attended that night and they said the family was in shock and although it appeared a domestic incident had occurred there was something odd about their overall behaviour, not in keeping with the usual 'DT' ( domestic trouble ).
A ghost was not mentioned to them and the injured party had been taken to the local hospital before there arrival.
No complaints where made to them that night and the usual paperwork was completed, which they said, stated it was just a DT with a very odd family.
So blue folder was marked with a 'X' and then filed away, like the Police file, under DT/Nutters

The second incident came one week later. More or less the same time, more or less the same circumstances and with the same players.
The Police where second to attended, first on the scene was the family priest who refused to go in, understandably, having heard of the weeks previous DT.
On arrival of the police the family moved out and the family priest moved in, the incident was closed as Family Priest dealing.
I later found out that the priest had previous knowledge of the address from parish records, with the very same circumstances happening but to previous occupants, and at the same time of the year.   

"ODD" I thought and so it began.

The Police where second to attended, first on scene was the family priest.