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Yep, I drew that pic all by myself

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My New Site Is Now Open!!!

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The Morrowind Site Expansion is running way ahead of schedule, expect it to be open in a few days! And for all you Zelda Fans out there, I have a surprise for you...

OK! It's about time I finally updated this site. It's been nearly three years I think. (oops) I almost forget I had a site, so, here it is... Ta Daaa... Nothing. I've spent the last three years doing nothing. Now, by saying this, i probably made everyone who has been dying for zeldanet to re-open (approximately 0.5 people) hate me. Well, I finally decided to do something. You will probably all think I'm crazy for saying this, but.....

Zelda is no longer the best game ever...

But wait, I don't hate Zelda. It's still a cool game, but I do, however hate Nintendo (not as much as Playstation, but I'm still not on good terms with 'em). The reason, you ask? I'm really disappointed with the effort they put into their Gamecube, I mean, lets face it... The XBOX kicks the crap out of the GameCube(and PS2) in every way possible. Gamecube doesn't suck, (PS2 does, though) but the XBOX is heaps better (In case you can't take a hint, I hate playstation). The new best game in the world is... wait for it...

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Yes, it's an XBOX game, and yes it won game of the year. Although there is a PC version, you need a pretty good computer to run it, and the graphics on the XBOX are better anyway. I'll leave you with some screenshots of Morrowind, and ZNets sister site will be up and running in about a week. And this time, it won't take 3 years. For all who are wondering, yes, I will re-open ZeldaNet in a few days, but don't expect it to be updated often. See you in a week. Ciów ~ Simba2k.

... Did I mention that I hate Playstation?

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