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E2000 This game is intended for fun only. There will be no entry fee, and no prizes. You can just compete with your forecasting ability against the others. In this game you will not only guess the winners, but also the game scores. You may get upto 6-8 points for each correct game score. There will be alltogether 31 games. 24 group games, 4 Quarter-Finals, 2 Semi-Finals, and of course the Final. You can join even if you missed the beginning of the competition. The total points earned will be less, but still can compete with the proper guesses. Only one entry for each person is allowed. You have to fill out the identification part. The entries without the identification part will not be accepted. The guesses should be sent before the start-time of the games as the latest. Good luck. How the Points are Awarded 1 - Guessing the outcome of the game - 3 points You will be awarded 3 points if you guess the winner right, even though the score is not correct. Example: A beat B 2-1 and you guessed 3-0, you will still get 3 points. If the game is tied and you guessed a tie, you will get 3 points. 2 - Correct goal difference - 1 point If the ended as A beating B 1-0 and you guessed as 2-1 or 3-2, you will get 1 point. If the game is tied and you guessed a tie, you will get 1 points. 3 - Correct goals for the teams - 1 or 2 points for each teams score If you guessed any teams score you will get one point and if this score is 3 or higher you will get one more bonus point. A beat B 4-2 and you guessed as 4-1, you will get one point guessing the team A score and also one bonus point since the guessed score was 4 (greater than 2). More examples: Result: A 4-3 B - Guess: 4-3 will gain 8 points - outcome, difference, score A, score B Guess: 4-1 will gain 5 points - outcome, score A Guess: 1-0 will gain 4 points - outcome, difference Guess: 2-0 will gain 3 points - outcome Guess: 1-3 will gain 2 points - score B Guess: 1-2 will gain 0 points - none Games decided by penalty-kicks will be evaluated as tie-games with the score after extra time Predictions First games Second Games Third Games Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Final Standings First games Second Games Third Games Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Final goalgoalgoal Would you like to visit my other pages? Turkish Soccer - Home Page World Cup 2002 Euro2000 UEFA Cups 2000/2001
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