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Have you ever dreamed of being a Jellicle cat? Well here's your chance to join other fans in the CATS role playing game. There are only a couple of rules:
1. Don't control another character's actions
2. You can only be one character from the musical and up to three made up ones
3. Don't be perverted or otherwise gross
4. and finaly, play nice.
Submit your character at the bottom of the page, then click on the 'join list' icon and go play! Please send all messages to

Note: If you choose a character that's been taken I'll e-mail you, otherwise just go play =^o.^= (and please don't join the list then dissapear. If you do, your character will be given to someone else who wants it. Unless you are a made up character.) This also may resemble other CATS RPG's out there but this one was created by Bombalurina and I created this page for it. And please submit your character but DON'T forget to join! We have been having a lot of problems with people submiting a character and not joining. The submit section is only if you are going to role play! I would also prefer if the cat you chose was the same gender as yourself, but I really don't care at all. Most list owners don't care, I don't mind all that much, but it makes it a bunch easier in some ways.

Etcetera - Erin
Bombalurina - Stephanie
Victoria - Julia
Exotica - Yvette
Grizabella - Grace
Pouncival - Leti
Alonzo - Crysta
Tumblebrutus - Angela
Macavity - Steph
Mistoffelees - Bryn
Demeter - Demeter

Jellylorum - Lauryn


Rum Tum Tugger - Chase

Sailor Tin Nyanko
Mae Droe

Gus:The Theatre Cat
Bill Bailey
Rumpus Cat
Old Deuteronomy

Submit your Character

Your name:
Email address: (PLEASE include it or you may not get to play!!)
Character you want to play:

Is your character from the musical or created?
From the musical

If your character is created, describe him/her/it *G* or if it's from the musical leave this blank >^..^<

Describe your character:

Plunderbelle - Caitlin
Plunderbelle (Bell for short) is a Balinese who's just barely out of kittenhood (she's an adult). She has a sweet disposition. She is a chocolate point, whitch means she's got a dark face and ears and some dark markings on her tail. She's very intelligent and easily gets into trouble. Her hobbies are: opening cabinets and drawers, turning on faucets, turning the easier lamps on, and pulling the covers of the couch, and steeling things out of the neighbours' jewelry boxes. Another hobby of hers is flirting! She's friends with Cassandra and Victoria, she thinks the Rum Tum Tugger needs to cool it and get a life, and that she's a better theif than Mungo and Rumpel (but if you were a cat who could turn on lamps and open drawers and cabinets and turn on faucets you'd think so too!)

Enigmatat - Sara
Enigmatatsis a white and pale grey stripeg British Short Hair. Tat is a sarcastic, feminist cat, who loves to tease male cats, but feel a little Sncomfortable around female tats. She tends to get aelittle bit rude at t mes, because she doesn't kdowdany better and does 't realizeeshe's hurting anyene. She hathshhumans, because she was abused by her last owner, but won't admit she's frightened of them. Tat always tries to maintain awtough guy image, not wanting anyone to know how much little things really bother her. She cares deeply about the other Jellicles, but would never let them know, at most times, she's torn between helping her friends, maintaining her reputation and figuring out whether everyone hates her or not.

Misty - Samantha
Misty is a Russian Blue with green eyes, she is still a ktten and loves getting into trouble.

Silencha - Charlana
Silencha is inbetween a kitten and an adult (teen) and has all black fur, except for a diamond on her forehead, and one white 'sock'. She has an attitude, but is nice if you're nice to her. She's 'in love' with Tugger, although he's only a crush. But who knows? She doesn't really like anyone else like she likes Tugger though. Maybe later on she'll find someone.

Penny - Erin
Penny is Rum Tum Tugger's younger sister(she's about a teen or so). She looks a lot like him, but minus the mane. he has a cockney accent and is rahter easygoing. SHe was once one of Macavity's hench cats and still feels bad about it. But for now she just hangs around with her friends Blaze, Tat, and Fayea. She also has a bit of a crush on Admetus.

Fayea - Erin
Fayea is a mute brown and black cat who isn't quite a kiten but not an adult. She lives in an alley near the junkyard and spends most of her time chasing things around the junkyard.

Ceres - Lynne
Ceres is a grey stray queen with darker tiger stripes.She has chosen so far to completely remove herself from cat society ,wanting no pat of either the jellicle or the henchcats. But now her stray mate has been killed and she finds herself alone.This scares her so she has taken to watching the cats,trying to decide what side she will fight for. Ceres is quiet and watchful,a thinker,but she has a big heart and once she gives her friendship she can be fiercely loyal to those she cares for..

Tigress - Sara
Tigress is orange, brown, and black, She has white feet and black lips. Tigress is a sly sexy older sister of Rumpleteazer.

Tintalina - Kasey
Tintalina is a mysterious, unusual, sneaky, sexy alley cat. She spent her kitten years in the alleys, where she learned to fight, flirt, sneak, spy, and cast magic spells. After he murdered her parents, Macavity kidnapped Tinty and kept her with him until she could escape and join the jellicles. Because her father held a high role in the alley pack, she is respected by them. Her father was a calico and her mother a Spanish tabby(that's where she got her Spanish accent). Her coat is silver with rust, black and white stripes. Her emerald green eyes always seem to be hiding some thing.A single brown stripe runs down her face, creating a mirror image-illusion. She is always finding new ways to trick other cats, making her a little annoying. She loves attention, and can make a fool of herself trying to get it. Even though she's a terrible flirt, she seems to be the only female completely uninterested in the Rum Tum Tugger. She'll only comunicate with him to tell him to leave her alone.(O.K., so every now and then she'll carry out a conversation with him, if no one else is around.) She's very high-strung at times, but likes to relax and have some fun. I would advise you to stay on her good side though, she's always ready for a fight(of brains or brawn) even if you're not! (Watch out Mistoffolees, she's pretty good at magic too!) Meeow! ,,

Shocka, Cupid, Genevus - Victoria
Shocka: Red eyes, a reddish color with orange zig zag lightining strikes down back
Cupid: Reddish color with red strips down back and wringing legs. DARK blue eyes.
Genevus: Lovely Calico cat with green eyes, and three scars over her right eye from a previous fight.
These three cats are Rebellions. Genevus killed a Jellicle Cupid was kicked out because she joined up with Macavity because she was tired of the jellicle ways. And Shocka because as a kitten, she accidently/purposley murderd her three older siblings because the were teazing her, so she slit there throats while they were sleeping, and she was caught.

Starlight - Starlight
She's mainly silver with black ears, white muzzle and brown paws. Starlight is a rather small cat. Starlight has no magical powers. She's nice once you get past her shyness and can help other kitties with problem.

Luna - Michelle
A silver queen with gray ears, nose, and paws. She has a connection to the moon. She is a very perky young queen and has a tendancy to find trouble.

Baba - Vanessa
She's a slender shorthair, her fur looks black but put under light it gives off burgundy tint, she has bright spring green eyes and bright red tips on her ears and tail. She loves to have fun and is a hopeless romantic, also a loyal friend, other than the junkyard, she lives in an old building known as "bum central" in the city, she lives with her pet of sorts named charlie and she is friends with all the street cats so she can cop a bit of an attitude if she needs to but otherwisem she is sweet. She is 1 year and 2 months old, too.

Arslata-Lenneay - Mary
Arslota-Lenneay is an actress cat. She is psychic and can sense things like crimes or storms, etc. She is very intelligent and beautiful. Her coat is pure white except for one buff spot on her back and a pattern on her head which is shaped like a star. She does her best to tell humans when she senses something wrong in the air. She is very sweet and intelligent and a very good performer. As the critiques say: "Great, excellent, superior, and all those positive ratings."

Callisto - Erin
Callisto is a balinese kitten. She loves playing. Callisto asks a lot of questions and won't take no for an answer ( or else she gets mad) Other then that she is a good little kitty (I think ). She has brown on the tip of her ears and on her feet. Her fur is somewhat fuzzy because she is a kitten.

Grimalkin - Stephanie
Grimalkin is a grey striped tabby,much like Munkustrap.He+IBk-s very kind,but somewhat mysterious.He's got a secret which only he tells the people he most trusts,which is he+IBk-s a Jedi.He carries a light saber and is exactly like a Jedi,and most people think he+IBk-s an ordinary cat,which he is except for this strange quirk.He+IBk-s friends with Demeter,but not even she knows his secret,at least not yet...

Mae Droe - Paula
Mae Droe is a balinese kitten. She is older than her sister, Callisto. She enjoys causing trouble to her younger sister as well as other cats that come her way.

Serena - Sarah
Older sister to the balinese kitten, Callisto. She is an interesting mix of Bombalurina, Cassandra, Jemima and Rumpleteazer. Serena is cautious yet spontanious. She is a young adult, with very sleek brown and tan fur. She looks a lot like Callisto, but more elegant and intelligant. Serena is lovely and sometimes tends to play the part of 'seductress'.

WhiteShadow - Robert
WhiteShadow is an adult who has seen more abuse in his youth than most cats will in their lives. He's a lean, heavy-built brick of Russian blue with black bands and a face the color of old metal. He makes it clear that he is somewhat deranged. He is strong-willed, but will follow orders. He has an odd knack for old elecrical devices.

Zelgadis - Grace
A grown (just got out of his teens) aqua-colored tom. He's Blaze's father's nephew, therefore he is her cousin, and he is magical, but not as good as Blaze. He hasn't seen Blaze since she was a kitten with her parents. He doesn't know that they are dead.

Blaze - Grace
Blaze is a teen magical cat. She is all pink, except for her face, chest, and tip of tail, which are white. She is pretty outgoing, and likes to make new friends. When she was a kitten, she witnessed the death of both of her parents. After that event, she went into hiding, and didn't rejoin society for a while. She finds herself attracted towards Mistoffelees, and is always trying to find some way to impress him.

Munkurina - Becky
Munkurina is a young kitten, around the age of Jemima and Etcetra. She looks up to Munkustrap and Bombalurina as mentors, even as an Aunt and Uncle. She's a sweet character, and when she gets scared, she runs to Munkustrap. She was abused by her human owner, and she ran away, Munkustrap and Bombalurina found her and took her in as a Jellicle. She has admired them ever since, and the Jellicles let her change her old pet-name of BratCat to Munkurina, after her two idols.

Minifire - Stephie
Minifire is black with red paws and a red chin.She's Macavity's daughter and is just as tormental(is that a word?oh well!!)as he is,if not worse. Her mother died after she was born.