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George Thomas Higgins & Mary Ann Rebecca Phillips

My George Thomas Higgins Ancestry:

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The parents of George Thomas Higgins were:Reuben Thornton Higgins and Catherine McMillan

The parents of Mary Ann Rebecca Phillips were:

Joel C. Phillips and Mary Alderman.

The Children of George Thomas Higgins and Mary Ann Rebecca Phillips were:

1. William Oscar Higgins b abt 1881 md Fannie Stonecypher.
2. Mary Catherine Higgins b 23 Aug 1880 md John Stonecypher.
3. Addie Higgins b 1 Aug 1882 d 12 Apr 1980 md Charley Stonecypher.
4. Herbert Lon Higgins b Jan 1988 md Orthelle Evans.
5. Homer Grady Higgins b 19 Apr 1891 d 10 Aug 1976 md Temmie Catherine Dykes Dykes b 16 Jun 1894 d May 1981.
6. Lily Beatrice Higgins b 1 Oct 1893 md Clyde Evans.
7. Winifred Henry Higgins b May 1898 md Marie Westley.
8. Ruth Higgins b Feb 1896 d abt 1912.
9. Bobby Higgins.

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