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Vigan Getaway- Ilocos Sur
Nov 22, 2002
Vigan is the postcard-like town that still bears strong traces of Spanish colonial architecture. This is the Vigan Cathedral.   Karen, Me, Cleng and Ged. We arrived early and we waited for the stores to open to buy pasalubongs and antiques.
The famous Amorsolo Street with Mama Arbz, Karen, and Cleng   The long stretch of Amorsolo Street is a perfect place to take pictures.
Me and my cousin Cleng. The perfect group portrait: Ged, Karen, Cleng and Meeh!!!
Kalesa ride with Karen.   The Kalesa took us to places where tourists should go.
The Ayala Museum (the birthplace of Fr. Burgos of the Gomburza triumvirate) is an old house converted into a showcase of the best of Ilocano culture spanning from pre-historic era to present times.   Unlike other staid museums that reek of nothing but archaic artifacts, the Ayala Museum in Vigan looks and feels almost homey.