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Visit to view more pictures you've never seen before and upload pictures you want to share.  If you have problems logging-in, call or email <>. This is exclusively for the Tomas-Palisoc clan only.

My family makes it a point to go places we've never been once a year. Take a peek on the pictures I've taken (mostly!)

Gloria Maris - Greenbelt (on the cover)
Eastwood City Walk
Grilla - Libis
Friday's - ATC
Boracay - Aklan
Gerry's - Makati
Outback - Makati
Baguio City 2001
Hard Rock - Makati
Grand Boulevard - Manila

Munting Buhangin - Nasugbu Batangas
The Fort - Makati
Street Life - Makati
Puerto Azul - Cavite
Expo Pilipino - Pampanga
White Rock - Subic
Splash Island - Laguna
Enchanted Kingdom - Laguna
People's Park - Tagaytay
Poropoint - La Union
Lingayen Gulf- Pangasinan
Baguio City-The Summer Capital
Villa Escudero - San Pablo City

Special Issue:

Precious Moments:while my Dad is still around.
USA Tour 2001: Mom's visit to San Francisco

Trip to Hong Kong: my DEBUT celebration.
Tomas Clan: more pictures, share your stories.
Palisoc Clan: more pictures, share your stories.
Christmas Pictures: how we celebrate Xmas.
Relatives in U.S:collection of good memories
JC's Graduation Day:a tribute to my brother, JC
*The Graduate:a tribute to my brother, DJ

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