Favourite Singles of 2006:

1. Divine Comedy A Lady of a Certain Age
2. Dixie Chicks Not Ready to Make Nice
3. Cardigans Donít Blame your Daughter
4. Charlotte Gainsbourg The Songs that we Sing
5. Dixie Chicks The Long Way Around
6. Arcade Fire Intervention
7. The Killers When You Were Young
8. Dixie Chicks Easy Silence
9. Sheryl Crow Always on Your Side
10. Dixie Chicks Voice Inside My Heart
11. Leigh Nash My Idea of Heaven
12. Lisa Ekdahl Ljudlost och Sal
13. Divine Comedy Diva Lady
14. Divine Comedy To Die a Virgin
15. Amy Winehouse Rehab
16. Dixie Chicks Everybody Knows
17. Moi Caprice The Art of Kissing Properly
18. Franz Ferdinand Eleanor Put Your Boots on
19. Moi Caprice Drama Queen
20. Morrissey The Youngest was the Most Loved
21. U2 One
22. The Killers Bones
23. Alanis Morissette Wunderkind
24. Morrissey In the Future when allís Well
25. The Who Itís Not Enough
26. Bangles Light My Way
27. Dixie Chicks Lullaby
28. Coldplay The Hardest Part
29. Sarah McLachlan River
30. Jarvis Cocker Running the World
31. Bob Dylan Thunder on the Mountains
32. Gorillaz Kids with Guns
33. Morrissey You Have Killed Me
34. Ray Davies Over My Head
35. The Killers A Great Big Sled
36. Indigo Girls Little Perennials
37. The Who Black Widowís Eyes
38. Elton John The Bridge
39 Blondie More than This
40. Coldplay White Shadows
41. The Who Tea and Theatre
42. Sheryl Crow Try Not to Remember
43. John Cale Outta the Bag
44. Tom Petty Flirting with Time
45. Stranglers Spectre of Love
46. Eagles Cloudy Days
47. Yussuf Islam Heaven
48. Rolling Stones Biggest Mistake
49. Coldplay What If
50. Elton John Tinderbox
51. The Who Mirror Door
52. Gorillaz El Manana
53. Los Lobos The Road to Gila Bend
54. Paul Simon How Can You Live in the North
55. Paul Simon Father and Daughter
56. Sinead OíConnor If You Had a Vineyard
57. Franz Ferdinand The Fallen
58. Sarah McLachlan Happy Xmas
59. Red Hot Chili Peppers Snow
60. Bob Dylan Someday Baby
61. Paul Simon Outrageous
62. Hollies So Damn Beautiful
63. John Cale Jumbo
64. Red Hot Chili Peppers Dani California
65. Paul Simon Thatís Me
66. Van Morrison Playhouse
67. Red Hot Chili Peppers Tell Me Baby
68. Neil Young Looking for a Leader
69. Tom Petty Saving Grace
70. John Cale Suicide
71. The Killers All the Pretty Faces
72. Franz Ferdinand You Could Have it so Much
73. U2 The Saints are Coming
74. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club US Government
75. The Beatles Within You Without You Tomorrow Never Kn.
76. Sarah McLachlan The First Noel
77. Bruce Springsteen American Land
78. Bruce Springsteen Pay Me My Money Do
79. Bruce Springsteen O Mary Donít You Weep
80. Bruce Springsteen Old Dan Tucker
81. Elvis Costello Tears, Tears and More Tear
82. Leigh Nash Baby Itís Cold Outside
83. Nena Caravan of Love
84. Blondie Rapture Riders
85. Franz Ferdinand Swallow Smile
86. Tom Petty Flirting with Time
87. Foo Fighters No Way Back
88. Elvis Costello My Flame Burns Blue
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