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VUNRAKSHA-for the care of forests & wildlife

Welcome to the website of Vunraksha - a non-government conservation organisation for the care of Indian forests & wildlife.

Constituted in 1999, it has its base in the tiger state of Madhya Pradesh in India. Being in close proximity to the Bandhavgarh & Kanha national parks, Vanraksha is focussing on conservation activities in and around these parks. The society presently has a very small core constituted of a few individuals committed to the cause of conservation, but hopes to expand its base by networking & collaborating with other organisations and individuals.

Vunraksha is registered under the MP Societies' Registration Act, 1973 bearing registration no JJ-4207, dated 24-4-99.

We welcome you to get in touch with us for further information.


M. Haris Rustam
Vice President, VUNRAKSHA
POB 65, Mission Chowk,
Katni - 483501 (MP), India
Phone: 91-7622-54731
Fax: 91-7622-54772