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The main objective of Vunraksha is to carry out works related to improvement of ecology, environment, habitats etc including works related to the following specific areas;

  • Preparation & implementation of schemes & projects related to Wildlife Preservation & Conservation, Afforestation / Reforestation, anti-deforestation and plantation drives
  • Enlisting peoples’ participation and support for conservation of forests and wildlife
  • Launching an awareness campaign through various media to carry the message of nature conservation to the general public, and especially to those living in and around the various national parks, sanctuaries and other notified forest areas.
  • Production & distribution / dissemination of print, film, video and audio material among the public / educational institutions / business establishments / government departments, semi -govt and private organisations etc. to aid the conservation effort of the society, and the concerned department.
  • Assisting the department of Forests and other such Government departments / NGO’s in conducting research, field studies and preparing data bank in areas related to conservation of forests & wildlife.
  • Providing assistance to the relevant authorities by carrying on independent investigations in cases of poaching and clandestine trade of endangered fauna & floral species.
  • Arranging seminars, lectures, conferences, study tours, film shows etc to encourage peoples’ participation in the conservation effort of the Society in particular, & government in general.
  • To create a fund through donations, membership fees, and grants etc, for the implementation of the Society's projects and plans.
  • To undertake any other activity as may be approved by the Managing Committee.