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The Upper Room

Family Ministries

The Family Ministries at The Upper Room are all based in our Christian Education Department. That department consists of several ministries:

  • Sunday School
  • Children's Church
  • Youth
  • Women's Ministries
  • Men's Minsitries
  • Outreach Evangelism

Sunday School, Children's Church, and Youth are ministries that meet together on a weekly basis. Each class is designed to minister on the level of the individuals involved. The fellowship we share during these fun gatherings is wonderful. We all learn God's Word with one another and help each other to apply it affectively.

Women's ministries, Men's ministries, and Outreach Evangelism are all ministries that gather on a monthly basis. These ministries not only focus on the individual but also our community. We are able to share our hearts with one another, and learn deep truths from God's Word. We also enjoy the fellowship during these times, and we share one another's joys and sorrows. We grow closer as a family in Christ each time we commune together. So when we go out into our communities, whether its Walmart, the Supermarket, Nursing Homes, or schools, we want the light of Christ's love to illuminate from our hearts to yours.

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