Historical Books of the Old Testament (Video Series)

John Stevenson
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The following video presentations were designed for the class Historical Books of the Old Testament at South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary and corresponding Powerpoint presentations are available for free downloads on this website.


The Book of Joshua: Introduction
The Book of Joshua: Joshua as Successor
Joshua 1: Opening Charge
Joshua 2: Two Spies, a Prostitute, and a Confession of Faith
Joshua 3-5: Passage and Remembrance
Joshua 5-8: Jericho and Ai
Joshua 9: The Gibeon Deception
Joshua 10: The Battle for Southern Canaan
Joshua 11: The Northern Campaign
Joshua 13-21: The Distribution of the Land
Joshua 22: Joshua’s Call to Continuance
Joshua 23: Words of Warning
Joshua 24: Covenant Remembrance


The Book of Judges: Introduction
Judges 1-2: The Partial and the Pattern
Judges 3:1-11: The Othniel Narrative
Judges 3:12-31: The Ehud Narrative
Judges 4 - 5: The Deborah Narrative
Judges 6 - 8: The Gideon Narrative
Judges 9: The Abimelech Narrative
Judges 10-11: The Jephthah Narrative - Part 1
Judges 12: The Jephthah Narrative - Part 2
Judges 13-16: The Samson Narrative
Judges 17-18: Worship Wars
Judges 19-21: Civil War


Ruth 1: Story of Three Widows
Ruth 2: Under His Wings
Ruth 3: A Meeting in the Night
Ruth 4: What Happened in the Gate


1st Samuel 1: The Birth of Samuel
1st Samuel 2:1-10: Hannah’s Song
1st Samuel 2:11-36: Samuel and the Sons of Eli
1st Samuel 3: Hearing God
1st Samuel 4: Glory Gone!
1st Samuel 5-6: Adventures of the Lost Ark
1st Samuel 7: The Stone of Help
1st Samuel 8-10: Quest for a King
1st Samuel 11: The Redeemer-King
1st Samuel 12: Covenant Renewal
1st Samuel 13-14: Waiting on God
1st Samuel 15: Saul Rejected
1st Samuel 16: David's Anointing
1st Samuel 17: David and Goliath
1st Samuel 18-19: David and Saul
1st Samuel 20: David and Jonathan
1st Samuel 21-22: David the Fugitive
1st Samuel 23: David the Betrayed Deliverer
1st Samuel 24: Under His Wings
1st Samuel 25: David and a Matter of Honor
1st Samuel 26: Betrayal, Mercy, and Repentance
1st Samuel 27: David at Ziklag
1st Samuel 28: Saul and the Witch at Endor
1st Samuel 29-30: David the Deliverer
1st Samuel 31: The Death of Saul


2nd Samuel 1: The Song of the Bow
2nd Samuel 2: Israel Versus Judah
2nd Samuel 3: The Death of Abner
2nd Samuel 4: The Death of Ish-Bosheth
2nd Samuel 5: Jerusalem
2nd Samuel 6: The Ark Comes Home
2nd Samuel 7: The Davidic Covenant
2nd Samuel 9: Mephibosheth
2nd Samuel 10: Friends & Enemies
2nd Samuel 11: Bathsheba
2nd Samuel 12: Repentance
2nd Samuel 13: Absalom
2nd Samuel 14-15: Absalom's Rebellious Return
2nd Samuel 15-19: David the Fugitive
2nd Samuel 20: The Sheba Rebellion
2nd Samuel 21-24: Stories of David


Introduction to 1st and 2nd Kings: A brief overview of the combined books
1st Kings 1: Solomon Becomes King
1st Kings 2: Securing the Throne
1st Kings 3-4: The Wisdom of Solomon
1st Kings 5-7: Solomon's Temple
1st Kings 8: Dedication of the Temple
1st Kings 9-10: Dealings with God and the Nations
1st Kings 11: Solomon's Folly
1st Kings 12: A House Divided
1st Kings 14-15: A Tale of Two Kingdoms
1st Kings 15-16: Game of Thrones
1st Kings 17: Elijah
1st Kings 18: Confrontation
1st Kings 19: Flight
1st Kings 20: Losing the Victory
1st Kings 21: Sin and Repentance
1st Kings 22: Ahab's End


Introduction to Nehemiah: A brief overview of the book
Nehemiah 1: Prayer and a Heart for Return
Nehemiah 2: Casting a Vision for Change
Nehemiah 3: Builders at the Wall
Nehemiah 4: Facing Opposition - Part 1

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