Historical Books of the Old Testament (Video Series)

John Stevenson
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The following video presentations were designed for the class Historical Books of the Old Testament at South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary and corresponding Powerpoint presentations are available for free downloads on this website.


The Book of Joshua: Introduction
The Book of Joshua: Joshua as Successor
Joshua 1: Opening Charge
Joshua 2: Two Spies, a Prostitute, and a Confession of Faith
Joshua 3-5: Passage and Remembrance
Joshua 5-8: Jericho and Ai
Joshua 9: The Gibeon Deception
Joshua 10: The Battle for Southern Canaan


Introduction to Nehemiah: A brief overview of the book
Nehemiah 1: Prayer and a Heart for Return
Nehemiah 2: Casting a Vision for Change
Nehemiah 3: Builders at the Wall
Nehemiah 4: Facing Opposition - Part 1

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