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I'm not going to have many links on this page, because I want to keep the links I do have as prominent as possible.

  • Here is my other website. This one is less fictional and more personal.
    SummerFire, AutumnRain: One Boy's Story

  • White Ribbon Campaign
    Raising Awareness about Gay-Teen Suicide
    And remembering those who we've lost
    [ Mirror Site ]
    -- As this site states: "It is estimated that a teen in the United States takes his or her own life every 5 hours because he or she is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, and can not deal with the added stresses that society puts upon them." Please check it out.

  • and
  • -- IMO, these two sites are the best on the web. And they're run by some great guys, too :).

    -- Very good resource for GLBT kids and adults


  • -- From the website: "First for gay youth news, lifestyle stories, personal ads, chat boards, advice, and an international guide to gay venues in your area. By gay teens for gay teens." Have a look; you'll be glad you did.

(Don't forget the links through my webrings on the Welcome page.)

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