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(a metabiography)


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A NOTE ABOUT EMAIL, GUESTBOOK, and stuff like that: You'll notice I don't have my email address on here anywhere. There's a real simple reason for that. I'm an adult male, and my target audience is boys. I'm not a pedophile and I don't want to have sex with boys. I just want to help kids who are going through the same confusion I went through. But if I exchange email with anyone under 18 years old - or even make it possible to do that - it puts us both at risk. It's not that I don't like emailing people. But this has to be a one-way street, for everyone's protection.

I put a guestbook on this page so you can leave me feedback. (You can do that privately, if you want; just click the appropriate box.) I appreciate any and all constructive comments. You can even say "your page sucks", as long as you don't stop there. If you add: "...and here's why your page sucks", I'll take you seriously.

Flames and stuff like that just make me laugh, so don't waste your time. (I assume that if you flame me, it means your pantyhose is too tight. Or sometimes the little label feels scratchy and makes you irritable. Have you checked? :))

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