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The Food Chain or Ecosystem and
Life Cycles for Animals

An ecosystem consists of four parts.
It begins with the sun at the top which provides
energy to our green plants.
Green plants such as grass uses the sun
to produce sugar and protein in order to grow.
The ecosystem consists of producers and consumers.
Plants are producers in the ecosystem chain.
Animals which are consumers are next in the ecosystem.
Some of these animals are known as herbivores which only eat plants.
Carnivores are the animals that get their energy from eating other animals.
The next category are the people and animals
who eat plants and animals which are omnivores.
The end of the ecosystem consists
of another group of life which are the decomposers.
Decomposers such as bacteria and fungi eat dead plants

Rabbits are Herbivores

Tigers are Carnivores

Dogs are Omnivores
Especially this little guy

Fungi such as mushrooms are Decomposers

Featuring : Food Chains for Animals and Insects

Food Chain: The Rabbit eats the grass and the Rabbit is eaten by the Wolf

Living Together

One way that living things can be linked is in a food chain, which
may look like this: Above food chain image

Another way to link living things is in a food web, which may look
like this: Image below

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